Sunday 6 July 2014

Personal Love and Respect

My sistars (bioligical sisters and our sister from another blood - yes weird I know) and I were talking about random things that lead to Instagram and hashtags.  My sister then said that there are these girls that post photos of themselves and hashtagging it "whores" or "bitches".  I personally felt that it was wrong of them to do so.  I know that it is their post and their life but I hate how girls call themselves such low labels be it a joke or not.  It's because they are worth more than that!

My mother always told me that we should learn to love ourselves first and respect ourselves first (after God of course) before we can love another person.  The way we love ourselves reflect on the outside and that others will be able to see it.  And from that, they will know that we are worth so much.  I know there are plenty of times that I hate myself and feel so insecure but I would never call myself a whore or a bitch because I know I am worth more than that, I respect myself enough to label myself that and that I am none of those terms.

Many girls complain how guys treat them like trash and often times these are the girls that label themselves these.  If you or in this case those girls to be treated like a queen that they deserve, then they should love and respect yourselves and think of yourself highly yet a humble way.  If you treat yourself with respect, people will follow.

I know there would be times that it is hard not to call someone those but let's be the bigger person here and leave the name calling out of our systems.  I am still in the process of bettering myself and I pray that God will fill my heart with happiness and love (for both others and myself). I also pray that He may show me my self worth and that I will learn to love me and cut myself some slack (I am my worst enemy and biggest critic).  And I pray that He will do the same to you.

I don't know if this post makes sense any more and this is just a post regarding my thoughts and feelings.  This is also personal and I hope that no one gets offended by it.

Peace & Love!

Friday 4 July 2014

Lunch at Fujiyama Restaurant, Dublin

My family and I had lunch at Fujiyama Restaurant to celebrate my brother's turning into a leprechaun naturalisation.  Fujiyama Restaurant is a Japanese restaurant that is located in Upper O'Connell Street in the heart of Dublin's City Centre.

Today was our first time in Fujiyama since my mom wanted to try a different Japanese restaurant and my friend told me that their food is quite good.  She also mentioned that the sitting arrangement was cafeteria style like Wagamama's so it made me frown a little. But boy it was nothing like I imagined.  The place is very nice with a classy yet comfortable atmosphere.

I had to cover the other customer's faces to respect their privacy :)

When we arrived there, the kind waiter guided us to our seats and gave us the menus.  We were served lemon and cucumber water! I was surprised since most restaurants only have ice and only a few have lemon in them.  My sisters and I are very fond of this water since it's part of our "becoming healthy" lifestyle. Unfortunately mom was not liking it and I have a friend that hates cucumber to death.

If you are curious of their menu, you can check it out here. (Can I say how great their website is and how easy it is to navigate their menus?! They even have an option if you want to just view or download it! Aww)
So here are the food that we got *drum roll*

The small sushi platter (€7.90)

Salmon and asparagus tempura

This nudo norimaki is very good! The asparagus was very crisp. Loved it! I hate overcooked and soggy vegetables so yay for this one! 
Beef Shogayaki Don (This is what I ordered and it came with a miso soup, salad and fruit platter)
I really like this! It was very delicious.  I didn't finish everything since I was already too full from the rice! My sister enjoyed the fruit platter though!

Chicken Kastu Curry Don

Gyuniku Yaki Soba
Okay... It's sad for me to say this but I cannot stand the smell of this soba! It looks delicious and all and my sister enjoyed what she ordered but it had bamboo shoots in it and I simply cannot stand the scent of it. Luckily, I did not order this so no damage done!

Fujiyama Cha Han
(the sushi was not part of the cha han. My brother was too hungry and already placed that there haha)

Smoked Salmon and cream cheese
I was slightly disappointed with this one.  I didn't taste the smokiness of the salmon and there was a bit too much of the cream cheese that it overpowered the salmon.  But overall, it was not that bad.

The staff were very friendly and accommodating.  The waiter (or the manager I think) even said thank you in our language.  There was quite a delay when we ordered the norimaki the second time but the staff was quite busy with people coming in the restaurant. So that's very understandable.

All in all, we quite enjoyed our lunch.