Friday 6 November 2015

Other: Fan Account on meeting Vanness Wu

Hello beautiful earthlings!

This is probably the only blog post that I will have with no photos whatsoever.  I know it has been a while since my last post and I am here with a post that is nor related to my normal posts.

Like the title suggest, I met Vanness Wu!

I just saw him shopping at H&M in Dublin shopping the Balmain X H&M collection.  We exchanged a glance and it took me half a second to realize, oh my gosh it was Vanness Wu.  I walked back and excused myself then asked if he was Vanness Wu.  He nodded and I said I was a fan of his, he extended his hand and he shook my hand!  I was so starstruck that I did not have the guts to ask for a photo with him.  I became so shy because I did not want to bother him anymore and I just said to enjoy shopping and have a nice night.  I went into the elevator, shaking and texted my seastars and one of my closest friend, Merrusa!

Gosh, I was completely starstruck.  He is so handsome and so tall!  He was with friend and he was nice enough to smile to me too!

Today is just a great day! 

That's it for now and I promise I will be good with my future posts that is way long overdue! Have an amazing weekend!

Peace & Love!
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