Friday 12 June 2015

We Screamed Ice Cream at Scrumdiddly's

Hello beautiful earthlings!

From the previous post, I promised to write about our little trip to Scrumdiddly's after our 3 hour hike at Wicklow Mountains National Park. So here it is!

Scrumdiddly's is an ice cream parlour located in Crofton Road, Dun Laoghaire.  It is about 25 minutes via Dart from Tara Station.

My classmates know that I am quite the foodie so they recommended me this ice cream parlour. With my sister's boyfriend driving us to Wicklow that day, I told her to pass by Scrumdiddly's for us to get ice-cream.

I have read reviews online about this ice-cream store that people line up just to get ice cream.  And it was no joke!  The queue reached the side street of the store! But we didn't have to wait that long since there were about 4 staff working and the queue was really quick.

The place is small and cosy with cute decorations.  Some of the decorations give that very Tumblr-ish vibes to the store.

Isn't this cute or what?

(Click the photo to enlarge)

This is their menu.  Their products cost in average of €4-5.

These are the possible toppings you could put in your ice cream.  I personally have not tried topping my ice cream with jellies. (I still think it is weird but maybe next time?) They claim they have possible combinations of toppings!

What ice cream parlour does not have this in their store?  I think they scoop some from here if you order any of the 4 signature ice creams they have on the menu.

I got the Snickerbocker Glory.  It is made of whipped ice cream at the middle, caramel sauce, ice cream with Snickers flavour and Snickers chunks. This cost €5 for a huge cup.

My sister Steffi got a couple of scoops of ice cream and some toppings. I'm not really sure what she got to be honest.

Nikki (the one with the turquoise spoon on the right) and Steffi's boyfriend Mark (the one witht he green spoon at the back-left) both got the Ferrero Indulgence while Bianca (the one with the red spoon) got the Oreo Extreme.

Here is one of my Tumblr-ish shot haha!

We ate our ice cream outside the store at a curb.  They do have seats but it can only accommodate 3 to 4 people as far as I remember.

I think €5 is a good price for this but I recommend that you just share it with a friend. I regret not sharing this one instead. I felt guilty (and still do) for consuming this bad boy!

I do recommend Scrumdiddly's to those who have not tried this store out.  But in my opinion, I don't think I'll be getting this ice cream again.  I might just try their scooped ones instead.

Would I come back to this store? Maybe if I had someone to drive me there. I live very close to the city that going there would require time and bus fare! Haha

I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed making it and eating ice cream that day!

Have a good week y'all~

Peace and Love!
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Saturday 6 June 2015

#EsTrails: Wicklow Mountains National Park

Hello beautiful earthlings!
On Wednesday, my sistars and I decided to go on a road trip to Wicklow to hike its mountains.  My sister Steffi brought her boyfriend along since he was the one driving us there.  It was a good day to go on a hike since it did not rain (THANK GOD!) but the wind was quite cold.

The back seat passengers took a mandatory selca (I'm still not used to the word selfie).  We left our place at around 11/11:15.

We listened to a lot of KPOP on our way to Wicklow. It was mostly G-Dragon and BTS.

The scenery was beautiful.  Though I just wished that the sky was bluer.

Of course there were banters here and there during our hiking trip. Steffi told me to photoshop Edward of Twilight in this photo but I suck at photoshopping. I simply snapchatted this photo, and added a red stick man on that tree haha!

Nikki and Bianca wanted me to add Jacob in this photo. Instead I snapchatted this with two red stickmen representing Jacob Black haha

The view up there was beautiful. I think this was the lake Glendalough.

I wanted to have a photo of me doing the tree pose but I lost balance and the camera captured it.  Instead of putting a caption like "Yoga pose fail" I'd like to label this as "Ninja wanna-be".

We took photos of komorebi.  Even though it was a complete failure due to the lack of sunshine.  What is a komorebi you ask? Watch WongFu'd video here.

Poulanass waterfall was so pretty! And a little loud but I did not mind it.

It took us almost three hours hiking the mountain and when we reached the bottom, I was captivated by Glendalough's beauty.

There was a camera post in the middle for people to leave their cameras as they take photos of themselves with this in the background.

This was me trying to set the camera but forgot to put the timer on!

And this was the final result.

And no, I would not apologize for the state of my face. I hiked for almost three hours and I was hungry.  I should be proud of pulling of a smile with an empty stomach! Haha

On our way back to the car, Bianca noticed that this was the monastery Wicklow is well known for.  I think this was just the back of it.

After our trip, we drove to Dun Laoghaire to visit this ice-cream parlour called Scrumdiddly's.  I will be posting a blog post about it in the next few days! So look forward to that.

I hope you guys enjoy reading this post!
Peace & Love!

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