Tuesday 27 May 2014

ELF Haul: Brushes, Beauty Book, and more!

Hi lovely guys and gals! How have you all been?! I'm quite glad that my exams are now finally over and now the dreaded exam results are what we all are waiting for. I pray that I pass all my modules.
Anyways, I'm here to present you a haul from ELF Cosmetics.  I have ordered a bunch of things from their website.

So here it is

The package came in a box like this one 
An invoice was in the package along with the products
Here is what the inside looks like. They have placed the smaller products on top
This is then the second layer where the bulkier and bigger products were.  
I was impressed that they shredded cardboard paper to ensure that the products won't be damage through delivery.

Here's a more closer look of what products I got. (I also have the direct links provided)

  • Beauty book in Natural Look (Got these two as presents for my sister and a friend who just had a birthday)
I was really pleased with the delivery since I got these in less than 2 weeks compared to the first time that I ordered and I only had 2 items! Thank you Adele (Her name was printed at the invoice saying that she was the only who picked up my order). I will be reviewing these products but I think it will take a while! I will have a gel eyeliner review soon! I just need one more day of testing it for me to finalize my thoughts on it :)

Disclaimer: This haul/blog post is not a form of bragging or anything of that sort. Also, I was not paid by the company to feature this. I bought all of the items here with my own money.

Monday 19 May 2014

Manicure Monday: Wet N Wild's On A Trip

Hello beautiful people! My last Manicure Monday post was two weeks ago and I'm sorry about that. I was busy with my semester 2 exams. I actually found it irritating that I could not even find the time to change my nail polish! I'm the type that finds happiness in something small and simple like eating good food, or drinking a warm cup of green tea and/or painting my nails! Having fresh painted nails makes me happy and gives me a sense of femininity during exam weeks when I think I look like a caveman! Haha

Anyways for this weeks ManMon, I decided to go all lilac with Wet N Wild's On A Trip. It's a very lilac colour with blue undertone. I actually had troubles taking a photo of this nail polish since the camera I normally use for my blog is Nikon Coolpix P90 showed the polish in almost a bluey kinda purple and I wanted to show the polish close to its colour so I just used my phone's camera. (My phone is S3 by the way if you guys are curious).

This is what the nail brush looks like. I forgot to put this in my previous Wet N Wild review.
Here's the colour difference of the polish under a camera flash and natural light.
If you guys are interested about this nail polish's pros and con click here.

I wish everyone a good, amazing week!

Sunday 18 May 2014

Review: Elf Matte Finisher VS Wet N Wild Matte Top Coat

Hi beautiful people of the blogosphere~
In this blog post, I will be reviewing and comparing matte top coats from ELF and Wet N Wild. Both are afforable in price but which one stands out more than the other?

Wet N Wild Matte Top Coat
I applied one coat of the Wet N Wild Matte Top Coat just on my ring fingernail
Here's what the brush applicator looks like.
(Sorry for the bad photo. The camera could not detect the brush)

  • PROs
    • Price - I bought it for only € 1.99 at Penney's.  It is also available at Dunnes Stores
    • Drying time - It dries instantly! So a big yay!
    • Availability - The product can be found all over Dublin with its carriers
  • CONs
    • Can be streaky when applied improperly
    • "Matte duration" - Keeps your nail polish matte on the first day of application however the polish would then have a bit of shine on the second day making it semi-matte
ELF Matte Finisher

I applied one coat of the ELF Matte Finisher on the middle finger nail as labelled above
The brush applicator of the ELF Matte Finisher
  • PROs
    • Price - I bought it for € 3.06 at ELF's UK website
    • Drying time - It dries quickly the same as the Wet N Wild
  • CONs
    • Scent - This has a strong scent that gives me headaches and it stays for about a day or two in your nails. Also the scent lingers in your room for so long without proper ventilation
    • Availability - Others might find it a disadvantage that you can only buy this product online (Well in Ireland we don't have stalls of ELF). Others are not too keen on buying products online
    • "Matte duration" - The matte-ness of the nail polish fades as the days goes by. It is very matte on the first day of application but then on the second day and so on, the matte-ness tends to fade and turns your polish to its original texture
Here's a gif that I made of comparing the two polishes on Day 1 and 2 with a flash on my camera
  • You can see that on Day 1, both matte top coats give the same matte texture
  • On Day 2, you can see that WNW's matte top coat is still matte compared to ELF's which gives a shine
  • Also the WNW is cheaper compared to ELF and it's more available to me. From this you can see that I would probably repurchase WNW instead of ELF

I hope that this is very helpful and informative enough for you guys. I also hope that you enjoyed this post. Please forgive my terrible gif. I got lazy to edit it further for it to look properly! Haha
Wishing everyone a happy and beautiful day!

Stay blessed!

Disclaimer: I am not paid for both brands to do this review. I purchased both products with my own money.

Monday 12 May 2014

Beyond Happy

I had my Economics exam this morning and I was so nervous and scared. So I said my prayers that God may give me the courage to face this exam and guidance. A couple hours later, when I saw the questions, they all spoke to me! I have studied every single part! I was delighted so I gave a big thanks to the Big Guy up there.

In the evening, my friend and I were talking about God and our faith. She then quoted the lyrics of the song God is Able by Hillsong. I listened to it and said a little prayer.

The lyrics:

"God is for us  
He has open arms 
He will never fail us 
He will never fail us"
moved me to tears and made me feel God's love for me. I am such a blessed child of God!

A couple of minutes, I opened my blog to write up this post but then I noticed that I received a comment! It was from Miss Sophie of http://miss-sophie-beauty-lifestyle.blogspot.de.  She said that she had nominated me as one of the blogs that inspires her! I am so honoured, speechless and beyond happy!
My blog is nowhere as good as hers or as good as the bloggers she has mentioned! So I am still wondering how I fit in that category but I am so blessed! Thank you Miss Sophie! And thank you to my Lord!

I hope to improve my blog as soon as my semester finals finished! And do the "very inspiring blog" award post! Also I have so much reviews piled up and ideas and hopefully I'll learn how to give this blog a new makeover!
Wishing everyone a great week ahead! Be happy and stay happy!

Monday 5 May 2014

Manicure Monday: Wet N Wild's Disturbia

For this week's Manicure Monday, I've decided to wear Wet N Wild's Megalast nail polish in Disturbia. It's a deep purple nail polish (almost black at times) with tiny fuchsia specks.

The polish looks almost black in this photo

Yeah my manicure skills are not that good.  But here's my thoughts about the polish

  • PRO
    • Price - It's really affordable at the price of €2.99 for the bottle which is 13.5 ml
    • Drying time - It dries really quick
    • Does not streak - The polish does not streak at the second coating which some polishes do
    • Lasting power - I am very impressed with the Megalast polish line.  I have tested this polish before and I had worn it for 5 days and there was no chipping whatsoever!
  • CON
    • I can't think of anything!
I hope you enjoyed reading this well I don't think people read my blog anyways but it's just my log of the beauty products I use and what not. Have a good week~

Thursday 1 May 2014

Boots Makeup Haul: Sleek Makeup, Collection, Rimmel and No7

Makeup goodies I got from Boots

Here's my first every haul post! So I ordered a couple of makeup items from Boots and I got it delivered at my chosen Boots store. My experience with their online shopping and store delivery was GREAT! I ordered three Sleek Makeup palettes and a blush on Monday and I got an confirmation e-mail that I would be receiving my order on Thursday (which is today) if things would go well. I'm glad that I got it today and it was so hassle free! 
Here are some photos of the parcel and the inside of it:

This is the parcel I got from the store. It has my name on it and I had to cover it for privacy reasons
This what it looked like when I opened it.

Inside the parcel, there was the items that I ordered and a sheet with my order details and also instructions on how you can return the products if you want. The only thing that kinda disappointed me was that only two palettes were in bubble wrap and the other palette and the blush were just at the side without any bubble wrap. My OCD kicked in and I was scared that if I'd open them that they'd have cracked but fortunately they were all in tack. So I guess it wasn't a big deal.

So here are the products that I ordered:
Sleek Original palette, Sleek Au Naturel palette, Sleek Oh So Special and Sleek blush in Rose Gold
I also did some makeup shopping with my sister in the store since I had a 100 points coupon.

(L-R) No7's eye contour brush, Collection's Work the Colour in Purple Eye Palette
and Rimmel's Scandal Eyes Waterproof Gel Eyeliner
I have own a couple of No7's eye contour brush and I love it but I gave one to my sister and I happened to lost mine. The Collection eyeshadow palette is a gift to my sister. Hopefully she'll allow me to swatch them.

I'll be reviewing/swatching these products hopefully soon!
Have a good day! <3