Saturday 11 October 2014

Scared, Terrified and All The Things in Between

So... As the title suggests, I am scared of this thing that has bugging me lately. I already have posted an entry in my journal about this topic but writing to a journal is more of a reflection and I think I need advice in this topic or a perspective that I fail to see.

So here it goes...

I am scared that maybe my friends talk about me behind my back. And we all know talk behind my back as in backstabbing. I don't know if my friends do or do not do that to me but if they do, I'm scared to find out.  Also, I don't know how I'd be able to handle it.  You see, my friends are family to me and when I trust people, I do give it my all.  I give them my whole trust and my whole heart because I love them.  So how do you handle it when such things happen? I am not the confrontational kind and I just tend to ignore and move away from people who are like that.  I wonder if maybe I should talk to them if it does happen? I don't know.  The thought just breaks my heart to be honest.

I figured that in my friends and I's age range (or once a person hits their 20s), the "bitching" stops. I figured that we reach that maturity to just ignore the things we truly dislike about a person. Don't these people get tired too? For once, I hope these people would be extremely allergic to backstabbing.

So if you are reading this and do have an experience, please do share and comment your thoughts. Thank you.

Peace & Love.

Wednesday 1 October 2014

My Book Depository Experience

I am so happy that I finally have my hands on these precious babies by the super talented Lang Leav.  So this post is dedicated to The Book Depository where the books were ordered. I got the books today which is 1 October.

The packages were delivered in envelopes with bubble wraps inside

The books were ordered together but I got a message from the Book Depository saying that the books might arrive separately since items are dispatched separately but I am glad that I received both books on the same day which makes me happy.

I opened the package(s) and here are the items inside:

Both packages contained the order list that states the Order ID, Order Date and Order Details.  Then each package contained their perspective books and had a bookmark each. I was happy to see bookmarks! They really made me so delighted!

So the books were ordered on the 22 September and I received them today.  It took 2 days for the books to be dispatched and according to the website that it takes 4-6 business days and it took 6 business days for me to receive them. I'm also happy that the books were in great condition when I got them with no creases whatsoever (I am kinda OC when it comes to my books so yeah). Another big plus about this website is FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE!

Here's the "compulsory" selca/selfie with the books!
I kinda thinking whether I should open up a label here in my blog talking about books I love/like/dislike/hate? But I won't classify it as a book review kinda thing because I am not great at it and unlike other book reviewers, I am not so in depth with it and people might get frustrated with my thoughts of a certain book. Anyways I am still thinking about it.

Peace and Love,