Friday 26 December 2014


Hello beautiful earthlings! It has been a while since I last posted anything in my blog! Life has been pretty hectic for the past few months but it is wonderful!

I am here today to review For those who don't know what it is, TwoFaceMall is an online Korean cosmetics website that offers a range of product from make-up to skincare. They also offer FREE worldwide shipping (I am a total sucker for free shipping and who wouldn't be?).

I ordered two products from the website (Etude House Drawing Eyebrow pencil and Clio Kill Black Brushliner) on the 28 November. I then got a message from Taesoon eonni (I have been KKTing her for months here and there) and told me that Ireland is not a safe country to send packages without a tracking number. So she advised that I purchase one and she will then dispatch my purchase right away. So I did since tracking number was just $2.50. I figured I would rather pay that extra $2.50 than lose all my purchase. So she dispatched it on 5 December and I received it yesterday(19 December). It took exactly two weeks which is not that bad at all! From my experience with free shipping online purchases in Asia, they normally took 30 days.

I was delighted when I got my package. And here are some photos!

This is what you'd see inside the package.

My actual orders were wrapped in bubble wraps.

I got free samples of the Etude House's Collagen Moistfull and Innisfree's Canola Honey Serum.

Overall I am quite with how they packaged my orders. Also they gave me some free samples which is always a plus! And yes I will be purchasing again from them when monetary wise allows me to.

And to beauty junkies out there, I have received a 5% off coupon for your entire purchase! Just enter this code AFf4F1TV  at the checkout!

Peace & Love.

Saturday 11 October 2014

Scared, Terrified and All The Things in Between

So... As the title suggests, I am scared of this thing that has bugging me lately. I already have posted an entry in my journal about this topic but writing to a journal is more of a reflection and I think I need advice in this topic or a perspective that I fail to see.

So here it goes...

I am scared that maybe my friends talk about me behind my back. And we all know talk behind my back as in backstabbing. I don't know if my friends do or do not do that to me but if they do, I'm scared to find out.  Also, I don't know how I'd be able to handle it.  You see, my friends are family to me and when I trust people, I do give it my all.  I give them my whole trust and my whole heart because I love them.  So how do you handle it when such things happen? I am not the confrontational kind and I just tend to ignore and move away from people who are like that.  I wonder if maybe I should talk to them if it does happen? I don't know.  The thought just breaks my heart to be honest.

I figured that in my friends and I's age range (or once a person hits their 20s), the "bitching" stops. I figured that we reach that maturity to just ignore the things we truly dislike about a person. Don't these people get tired too? For once, I hope these people would be extremely allergic to backstabbing.

So if you are reading this and do have an experience, please do share and comment your thoughts. Thank you.

Peace & Love.

Wednesday 1 October 2014

My Book Depository Experience

I am so happy that I finally have my hands on these precious babies by the super talented Lang Leav.  So this post is dedicated to The Book Depository where the books were ordered. I got the books today which is 1 October.

The packages were delivered in envelopes with bubble wraps inside

The books were ordered together but I got a message from the Book Depository saying that the books might arrive separately since items are dispatched separately but I am glad that I received both books on the same day which makes me happy.

I opened the package(s) and here are the items inside:

Both packages contained the order list that states the Order ID, Order Date and Order Details.  Then each package contained their perspective books and had a bookmark each. I was happy to see bookmarks! They really made me so delighted!

So the books were ordered on the 22 September and I received them today.  It took 2 days for the books to be dispatched and according to the website that it takes 4-6 business days and it took 6 business days for me to receive them. I'm also happy that the books were in great condition when I got them with no creases whatsoever (I am kinda OC when it comes to my books so yeah). Another big plus about this website is FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE!

Here's the "compulsory" selca/selfie with the books!
I kinda thinking whether I should open up a label here in my blog talking about books I love/like/dislike/hate? But I won't classify it as a book review kinda thing because I am not great at it and unlike other book reviewers, I am not so in depth with it and people might get frustrated with my thoughts of a certain book. Anyways I am still thinking about it.

Peace and Love,

Tuesday 30 September 2014

Alone Time in Love is Art Cafe

I have planned that I would attempt to eat out on my own but I am just scared and uncomfortable of the thought of doing such a thing.   I have been putting it off since my birthday but there was a little voice in me saying that I should do it today since today is the last day of September (my birth month). So during my one hour break from college, I walked over to Love Is Art cafe in Great Strand Street. I have been wanting to go to this cafe in so long but never got the time and money to go there but finally I had both earlier today.

What the cafe looked like on the outside. It is so cute!
And here is their menu. I was delighted to see that they have my favourite drink
Matcha Green Tea Latte ~
The cafe is full of home-made trinkets. If I had a room for just myself, it would probably look like this cafe.  Here are photos of what the inside looks like:

My bookworm side screamed in the inside when I saw this book shelf

I unfortunately did not try their cakes since I was short of cash :(

I ordered Matcha Green Tea Latte for my hot drink.

The drink was PERFECT! I did not even have to put sugar! And the hotness was PERFECT again! I did not have to wait so long for it to cool down a bit for me not to burn my tongue.

I had an amazing "alone time" and a great experience with this cafe. I wish that I talked to the staff and asked question but doing this on my own took a toll on me haha!  I really recommend the place.  It is quiet which I really enjoy. I do not like hanging out in over crowded cafes and this place was just peaceful with instrumental music playing in the background.

I am happy that I had a relaxing time as I filled my journal with ink and my raw thoughts that no one will ever know except me and read a good book. Thank God I had the courage to do this and I decided that I should do this often. Bit by bit though since I am still kind of scared haha!

Peace and love,

Tuesday 2 September 2014

Bianca's 19th Tea Birthday Party

On 21 August, we celebrated the 19th birthday of our good friend and sistar Bianca! We actually wanted to have a tea party with us in our somewhat looked like 50s fashion (But we had to make do with what was in our closet so it was not exactly 50s).

Bianca's birthday cake - Mango and strawberry spongecake decorated in whipped cream! Yum!
Chocolate chip cookies made by the celebrant
Cinnamon egg tarts and choco pie!
Red velvet crinkles! It was divine!
Muffins from BB's
Tuna sandwiches
Someone is excited to get her glass of champagne!
Strawberry and champagne (I do not like champagne! It tasted so bitter >_<)
My sisters

Forgot to take a photo of our OOTD but I didn't forget to take a photo of my footwear.
I probably looked weird but I felt really cute and girly so that was what mattered!
Happy birthday Birthday Girl!
Time flies so fast. I cannot believe that the girl I met when she was 9 with hoop earrings is now 19!  I pray that God will bless you with happiness, success and that may you be a successful lawyer in the future!

Tuesday 19 August 2014

100 Happy Day Challenge: Accomplished

As what the title suggested, I have completed my 100 Happy Day challenge.  

This post might a little greasy (to those who don't know what this means, it's overly cheesy).

I really want to thank everyone who has been part of this journey. And yes it is a journey.  It was definitely a challenge to find happiness throughout your day or if your day was not working out as planned, you had to make something that makes you happy.  
As the clock stroke midnight last night (or should I say this morning?), I really felt God's love for me through my sistars and my friends.  I have been praying for peace and comfort and I finally got it.  They kept asking how I was and to be honest, I could not stop laughing due to their silliness. They're too cute! I am truly blessed. I love them so much for always having my back and for supporting and loving me.  I really cannot ask for me. I truly am a happy girl.

I hope that I will be able to see the happy things more than the sad things.

Sunday 6 July 2014

Personal Love and Respect

My sistars (bioligical sisters and our sister from another blood - yes weird I know) and I were talking about random things that lead to Instagram and hashtags.  My sister then said that there are these girls that post photos of themselves and hashtagging it "whores" or "bitches".  I personally felt that it was wrong of them to do so.  I know that it is their post and their life but I hate how girls call themselves such low labels be it a joke or not.  It's because they are worth more than that!

My mother always told me that we should learn to love ourselves first and respect ourselves first (after God of course) before we can love another person.  The way we love ourselves reflect on the outside and that others will be able to see it.  And from that, they will know that we are worth so much.  I know there are plenty of times that I hate myself and feel so insecure but I would never call myself a whore or a bitch because I know I am worth more than that, I respect myself enough to label myself that and that I am none of those terms.

Many girls complain how guys treat them like trash and often times these are the girls that label themselves these.  If you or in this case those girls to be treated like a queen that they deserve, then they should love and respect yourselves and think of yourself highly yet a humble way.  If you treat yourself with respect, people will follow.

I know there would be times that it is hard not to call someone those but let's be the bigger person here and leave the name calling out of our systems.  I am still in the process of bettering myself and I pray that God will fill my heart with happiness and love (for both others and myself). I also pray that He may show me my self worth and that I will learn to love me and cut myself some slack (I am my worst enemy and biggest critic).  And I pray that He will do the same to you.

I don't know if this post makes sense any more and this is just a post regarding my thoughts and feelings.  This is also personal and I hope that no one gets offended by it.

Peace & Love!

Friday 4 July 2014

Lunch at Fujiyama Restaurant, Dublin

My family and I had lunch at Fujiyama Restaurant to celebrate my brother's turning into a leprechaun naturalisation.  Fujiyama Restaurant is a Japanese restaurant that is located in Upper O'Connell Street in the heart of Dublin's City Centre.

Today was our first time in Fujiyama since my mom wanted to try a different Japanese restaurant and my friend told me that their food is quite good.  She also mentioned that the sitting arrangement was cafeteria style like Wagamama's so it made me frown a little. But boy it was nothing like I imagined.  The place is very nice with a classy yet comfortable atmosphere.

I had to cover the other customer's faces to respect their privacy :)

When we arrived there, the kind waiter guided us to our seats and gave us the menus.  We were served lemon and cucumber water! I was surprised since most restaurants only have ice and only a few have lemon in them.  My sisters and I are very fond of this water since it's part of our "becoming healthy" lifestyle. Unfortunately mom was not liking it and I have a friend that hates cucumber to death.

If you are curious of their menu, you can check it out here. (Can I say how great their website is and how easy it is to navigate their menus?! They even have an option if you want to just view or download it! Aww)
So here are the food that we got *drum roll*

The small sushi platter (€7.90)

Salmon and asparagus tempura

This nudo norimaki is very good! The asparagus was very crisp. Loved it! I hate overcooked and soggy vegetables so yay for this one! 
Beef Shogayaki Don (This is what I ordered and it came with a miso soup, salad and fruit platter)
I really like this! It was very delicious.  I didn't finish everything since I was already too full from the rice! My sister enjoyed the fruit platter though!

Chicken Kastu Curry Don

Gyuniku Yaki Soba
Okay... It's sad for me to say this but I cannot stand the smell of this soba! It looks delicious and all and my sister enjoyed what she ordered but it had bamboo shoots in it and I simply cannot stand the scent of it. Luckily, I did not order this so no damage done!

Fujiyama Cha Han
(the sushi was not part of the cha han. My brother was too hungry and already placed that there haha)

Smoked Salmon and cream cheese
I was slightly disappointed with this one.  I didn't taste the smokiness of the salmon and there was a bit too much of the cream cheese that it overpowered the salmon.  But overall, it was not that bad.

The staff were very friendly and accommodating.  The waiter (or the manager I think) even said thank you in our language.  There was quite a delay when we ordered the norimaki the second time but the staff was quite busy with people coming in the restaurant. So that's very understandable.

All in all, we quite enjoyed our lunch.

Monday 23 June 2014

Summer Solstice Weekend 2014

The 21 and 22 of June was the summer solstice weekend.  My family had planned that we would go out of town or out of the country around those dates but there were no availability for any affordable city breaks.  I figured out that God wants me to be at this Christian Life Seminar. So I told my friend that I'd be going.   He had invited me to go for as long as we have known each other.

I was really not expecting that much and I was not expecting anything to happen to me since I already am I person of faith. We had talks all day Saturday and also had reflections, confessions and worship. During reflection we were asked to just pray.  Instrumental music was being played by the music ministry and the worship leader was preaching and praying with us.  Then after the instrumental, the first song was "From The Inside Out" by Hillsong.

"A thousand times I've failed
Still your mercy remains
Should I stumble again
Still I'm caught in your grace
Everlasting, your light will shine when all else fades
Never ending, your glory goes beyond all fame"
When that song started playing, I started crying. I felt God's love for me. That song was and is still the song that I always listen to when I am hopeless and almost to become faithless. Whenever I listen to that song, I happen to always find myself back on track again. During the pray over, two girls whom I have not met before said their prayers for me. I felt touched. Their prayers for me was so heart felt and genuine and it made me realize that even strangers can pray for you genuinely and that there are genuine people in this world.

During the worship service, the last song we sang was "Set On Fire" and I felt the Holy Spirit in me. I felt God's love and mercy. Words could not explain how great of a feeling it was. I am truly blessed for that to happen. I also made new friends and I'm so happy that I did since I am somewhat a socially awkward person at times.

Thank You God for everything. May you bless everyone with your love and grace.

Thursday 12 June 2014

Haul: Superdry, AllSaints, Tony Moly and Etude House

Yay for two blog post in a day!
At the beginning of the year, my parents and I went to Kiladare Village Shopping Outlet. Got a couple of things that I would like to share with you. This is not me bragging of what I got okay?

Got this shorts from Reebok for only € 5.  I now use it as my jogging shorts :D

This shorts is from AllSaints! Finally I have something from this brand! I've been eyeing AllSaints for so long but I can never afford it but thank God for outlet shopping.  The original price was € 88 but I got this for €28 :D

This is from AllSaints as well. This is actually a large men's shirt but I can work a man's shirt.  I got this for only € 14.

I really like this top! I got it because of the patch! It reminded me like an anime's uniform! And by I, I mean my parents! Thank you mom and dad!

My best friend came back from the Philippines and she got me these make-up items! Yay! I need a few more weeks to test them out for a review :D

You might be wondering where is the Superdry, well I forgot to take a photo of it. And too lazy to do it now. It's just a normal Superdry jacket haha