Hello beautiful earthlings~

Esjaeee.com is created by a shy and goofy wanna-be blogger based in Dublin, Ireland.  The three Es of esjaEEE signifies the things she is passionate and craves for - food, travel and beauty.  She wants to feed people through their eyes with her ESurient posts. She wants to show the beauty of the world through her travels with her EsTrails. She also wants to express her premature girly side that is obsessed with cosmetics, skincare and fashion through ESthetics.

This blog are all based on her own opinions.  She believes that everyone is entitled to their own. Many may disagree but respect is key.  Her opinions should not make anyone obliged to do things like she does. Her opinions should not also hinder anyone when it comes to trying things out.

She hoped that you will support her blog. Show her some love in the comments and do not forget to follow!

Peace & Love,

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