Friday 26 December 2014


Hello beautiful earthlings! It has been a while since I last posted anything in my blog! Life has been pretty hectic for the past few months but it is wonderful!

I am here today to review For those who don't know what it is, TwoFaceMall is an online Korean cosmetics website that offers a range of product from make-up to skincare. They also offer FREE worldwide shipping (I am a total sucker for free shipping and who wouldn't be?).

I ordered two products from the website (Etude House Drawing Eyebrow pencil and Clio Kill Black Brushliner) on the 28 November. I then got a message from Taesoon eonni (I have been KKTing her for months here and there) and told me that Ireland is not a safe country to send packages without a tracking number. So she advised that I purchase one and she will then dispatch my purchase right away. So I did since tracking number was just $2.50. I figured I would rather pay that extra $2.50 than lose all my purchase. So she dispatched it on 5 December and I received it yesterday(19 December). It took exactly two weeks which is not that bad at all! From my experience with free shipping online purchases in Asia, they normally took 30 days.

I was delighted when I got my package. And here are some photos!

This is what you'd see inside the package.

My actual orders were wrapped in bubble wraps.

I got free samples of the Etude House's Collagen Moistfull and Innisfree's Canola Honey Serum.

Overall I am quite with how they packaged my orders. Also they gave me some free samples which is always a plus! And yes I will be purchasing again from them when monetary wise allows me to.

And to beauty junkies out there, I have received a 5% off coupon for your entire purchase! Just enter this code AFf4F1TV  at the checkout!

Peace & Love.