Thursday, 26 February 2015

Travel: London (Day 1)

Big Ben and the sunset. Isn't it beautiful?

Hello beautiful earthlings~

This blog post is going to be filled with a ton of photos so avert your eyes if you are not interested.

We took RyanAir from Dublin to London Stansted. I was kinda scared at first flying with them because it was first time and they have that reputation to give you a headache according to many people I have talked to. But fortunately for us, our flight with them went smoothly in regards to our baggage and stuff.

When we arrived in Stansted, we took the National Express coach to bring us to and from Victoria. It cost us £19 each. Terravision offers transport to and from Victoria for a cheaper price but we chose National Express as they run 24 hours.

It took us about almost 2 hours to get to Victoria as we left the airport during rush hour. When we arrived in Victoria, we queued to the Oyster ticket booth to purchase our Oyster cards and top it up with travel money. The Oyster card cost £5 and we were told that £20 was enough for travelling for 3 days in Zone 1 and Zone 2.

After that, we went to eat at Wasabi - a Japanese fast food chain. We were surprised at the prices since it was cheaper compared to the equivalent stuff we'd get here in Dublin. I could not take photos of the food inside since it was not allowed.

I got the Chicken Yakisoba. It was about £5 which was a score since the portions are HUGE! We had to take some of our food home. We do not like throwing away food okay?!

After that, we took the Tube to West Kensington to where our rented apartment was.

We then made our way to London Dungeon. We did not have pictures or videos in the place since it was not allowed.

After that we took photos with Big Ben at the background.

After that we went to London Sea Life Aquarium.

After Sea Life, we walked to Trafalgar Square to take photos and to Piccadilly Circus then to Chinatown for our dinner.

We went to this Chinese restaurant called Old Town 97.It was a cosy place with good food.

I had duck rice and duck with black bean sauce. It's not too obvious that I love duck right?

After dinner, we took photos near the lanterns for the Chinese New Year decorations.

This is such a Tumblr worthy photo with Asian noms. I stopped by into the store to get me those green tea matcha Pocky. It was so cramped inside.

On our way home we came across this bakery called Golden Gate Cake Shop and bought our friend her birthday cake!

We got the third cake down to the left.

We were fascinated by these little cakes. Being in Chinatown gave us that feeling that we were not in Europe any more. 

Watch my vlog here:

Hope you enjoyed this blog post!
Looking forward to me posting our 2nd day!

Peace & Love!

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