Saturday 23 May 2015

Froyo and Grown-Up Conversations

Hello beautiful earthlings!

So, my best friend since 5th Year secondary/high school and I met on this beautiful Saturday.  The weather was fantastic and today was and still is a good day to be happy.

I walked as usual to town and I just had to take this beauty.  Dublin is beautiful.

I have not seen this lady in about 4 months! She moved to a different county for work.  We had so many things to catch up starting from her new career!

We had froyo at Yogism while we talked about our jobs, our goals for the future and our future holidays together.  We have been friends for almost 8 years!  Even though a lot of things have changed, I believe we still are the same girls back in school laughing so hard during our lunch time shenanigans with the rest of our friends!

I am so proud of the independent life that she is living now.  She kept telling me that it is not glamorous to be living independently since there is this thing called bills to pay.  But I admire her courage for living away from Dublin for the first time and away from her family.  It takes guts to go somewhere else, live on your own and start a whole new career.

I am happy for her and I cannot wait for me to do the same thing in the future.  I cannot wait to live on my own and be my own independent, strong woman (this is my ego trying to be another superwoman wannabe).  But for now, I'll enjoy the things that I have.  I'll enjoy my next few years in college because it will soon be all gone.  One day, I'll graduate and I'll be working for the rest of my life.  It is scary I know but it will be worth it.

To bestie, if you are reading this, I admire and love you so much! And I will visit you in the "countryside" soon enough! :D

Peace & Love!
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