Saturday 3 October 2015

EsTrails: Kolambugan & Timoga, Philippines

Hello beautiful earthlings!

Kolambugan is my mom's hometown.  And whenever we are over there, we always go to this place called Timoga in Illigan City.

We took the barge from Ozamis to Mucas then our cousin took us home in a multi-cab.

This is the view outside the window/terrace of my cousins' house.  It is so refreshing to just breathe in the fresh, sea air.

We rented a large multi-cab to bring us to Timoga Springs.  It would have been difficult if regular tourists would go there unless they'd have connections near by.

We saw a lot of army vehicles going to Timoga from Kolambugan. My mom said that is could be rough around those area of Mindanaobut it is not as bad.

We see a lot of green scenery in Ireland but nothing can compare to this one where you'd see tall coconut trees and vast rice fields.

I was amazed to see carabaos (water buffalos) on the main road and it caused a bit of traffic!  This was definitely one of the signs screaming "Welcome to the Philippines".  The Irish equivalent of this is us driving in the countryside and the sheep would cause traffic! Haha

There are a couple of swimming pool areas in Timoga but we decided to go in El Lauriento Swimming Pool.  Entrance costed us about 100 PHP per person which was about less than €2.

We got there when the sun was already setting to avoid the harsh potential sunburn!

It was so beautiful!

My two siblings and cousin along with Steffi's boyfriend decided to go on a roadtrip to collect our other cousin who goes to college in the city.

The photo is blurry due to her excitement to run towards us and my excitement to see her.

And since we saw a Dunkin Donut store, we had to get donuts especially these munchkins! My personal faves are the cream puff ones and the orange ones!

When we got back, it was already dark and almost everyone in the family has changed to their dry clothed.  We immediately rushed to swim.

The next day, we headed really early to church and to our grandparents' grave. The sunrise looked so beautiful.

My cousin JM has four dogs and all of them get excited whenever they see him. One of his dog, Bruno, followed us to church! Well the dog followed him.  It was too cute.  I really wanted and still want a dog.  But maybe in the future.

It was so hot that we decided to buy ice-candy.  Ice-candy is a Filipino dessert with different flavours.  We got the fruits salad flavour.  Basically it is a fruit salad that is frozen in a small plastic.

here's our little troop in Kolambugan and some people are missing in this photo!
Watch my vlog here that inlcudes small clips in Kolambugan and Timoga!

That's it for now for this post! I'll see you in the next one.

Peace & Love!
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