Monday 18 January 2016

My First Wedding Fair with Cupcakes and Counting

Hello beautiful earthlings!

I had the great opportunity to attend the Grand Hotel Malahide wedding fair to support and help our friends of Cupcakes and Counting yesterday.  This was the first wedding fair that I have attended and it was a good experience. It also gave my best friend Rich and I a little insight of what were involved in wedding fairs.

We saw how Ate Jen (the woman behind CandC) brought this table to life with the little details from the flower decorations to the beautiful cake stands.  Even her clipboard got compliments from the other companies and how it tied with the whole concept of what CandC was going for.

Cupcakes and Counting's concept leans on simple and vintage. Some people would probably frown to the idea of a theme being simple however, they tie in vintage elements in their designs that makes the whole cake look very classy.

The supportive fiancé Kuya Jay making sure everything looks good and things would go well.

My beautiful best friend Rich was also there with us to help out.

Each of the wedding cake has its corresponding cupcakes.  Some of the engaged couples; mostly brides-to-be asked about wedding cupcakes.  CandC can cater wedding cupcakes and make it match the couple's wedding cake. 

The attention of detail and intricacy is just beautiful.  One of the brides who came up to CandC's table said that she would not have the courage to even eat them since they're too beautiful.  I would feel the same thing to be honest.  But that was until I have tasted the sample cupcakes!

CandC prepared three flavours for potential clients to taste.  They were salted caramel, coffee and their most popular red velvet.  These flavours can be incorporated to actual wedding cakes.

Kuya Jay told us that each tier can have different flavour which surprised potential clients in a good way.  It made me think whether most wedding cake suppliers only permit one flavour to their cakes?  I mean variety is good!

The second wedding cake from the left has been featured in Confetti magazine's spring issue.  It quite was the head turner to yesterday's event that a lot of brides-to-be asked about whether an exact replica can be made.

Cupcakes and Counting is a fairly new company that just turned two years old!  Despite being new to the industry, they have managed to be featured in well known magazines such as Confetti (a big wedding Irish magazine) and Asia Wedding magazine.  They are also the top 3 Cake Designer of the Year finalist (the winner will be announced in February).  

It is amazing how they earned a lot of achievements within two years.  I wish Cupcakes and Counting well and that they may have more awards and features to come!

Please visit Cupcakes and Counting's website.  They also do celebration cakes and other sweet treats.  So go check them out especialy on Instagram as Confetti named them as one of the must follow wedding creatives!

That's it for me for now and I do hope you all enjoyed reading this post! I hope you all enjoyed reading this post.

Peace & Love!

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