Saturday 22 July 2017

EsTrails: Secret Food Tours Paris | Day 1 in Paris

Hi beautiful earthlings.

Yes - I will sound like a broken record with the same excuse of not updating. But the truth was, I was LAZY! I had to many ideas in my brain dump section in my bullet journal with blogging but never had to will to do it! I want to make the promise to be better but I don't want to break it so... I will do try my best. For now, here's a blog post of our 1st day in Paris.

We lived in Montmartre area and booked our accommodation through Airbnb. Our accommodation was the hippest thing ever! It was so charming and our host was very accommodating. 

We were headed to Absesses for our Secret Food Tours. BE WARNED! This metro station is the deepest in all of of Paris so expect to do a lot of climbing up steps.

Le Mur de Je T'aime
We got there early so we headed to the nearby park where Le Mur de Je T'aime was and took a couple of photos. 

We then waited around outside the station for someone in an orange umbrella. And we were greeted by the lovely PJ with a couple of pastries between us to share. He explained the food history of Montmartre and then headed to our first stop which was one of the most popular boulangerie in the area. There he explained that it is illegal in France to be called boulangerie unless the product is made in house. Also, a baguette must be 250 grams no more and no less!

We then headed to a fromagerie where they sold cheese. We got to taste a slice which reminded me of a mild cheddar cheese. We were also shown a wheel of cheese that has been maturing for 3 years!

We then made our way to a boucherie where PJ explained a couple of things. He also explained some products that are highly graded with an excellence seal. I could not remember if we tasted a couple of slices of cold meat here but we definitely did in a hotel inn where we had a private area reserved where we ate to our bellies' content!

Wine lovers will enjoy this part. This was one of the most informative part of the tour where PJ explained different kinds of wine and where they are from. And guys, please do not buy wine from wineries with the word chateau in it! Wines labelled with Chateau de ... are massed produced and are not as good as wines from winemakers. Trust me! I've tasted it. Plus WINE FROM BURGUNDY IS THE BEST! Again, trust me on this even though I am not a wine snob.

There, we had three different baguettes to split within the group. We were told that it is courtesy to break a piece of baguette for the person next to you and so on. PJ then sliced a couple of cheeses for us to try as well as cold meats. This part was not for the faint hearted (or should I say faint stomach) as we got to try unusual food that smelt a bit. But hey, if you could not stand the smell, just down it with wine!

We spent in the hotel inn for about 2 hours and PJ brought us out for dessert. We stopped at a creperie where we had a crepe and coffee. And it did not end there! We then headed to a chocolate and macaron place where we had to pick a chocolate and a macaron flavour of our choice.

Oh wait, you thought that was it?! No! We had a puff pastry before saying bye to PJ.

The Secret Food Tour cost us about €90 per person. Was it worth it? YES! This tour is perfect for our fellow foodies and not only you get to eat the area's speciality but you get to learn about the history of food in Montmartre and the whole of Paris. And we were stuffed for the whole morning and afternoon.

Our tour guide PJ was so informative. He also is passionate about food which makes the while tour so fun and he was very friendly. I recommend it to those who are willing to spend the money and I guarantee that it will not disappoint.

After the tour, we headed to Sainte Chapelle. The stained glass were just beautiful that it took my breath away.

Right outside the chapel was the Palais de Justice.

Notre-Dame was nearby to we passed by and walked along the Seine River where there were quaint stalls. I felt like I was in the movie Midnight in Paris.

We then walked all the way to the Louvre Palace and right outside the Louvre museum where we took more photos. 

PJ from the Secret Food Tours recommended for us to dine at Padam Padam. Fun fact about this restaurant is that all staff members are female and they promote empowering women in the food industry. PLUS they do not have a permanent menu since they serve different dishes every day.

The food was pricey but fantastic! I do not recommend this for those who are on a tight budget or those who prefer bigger portions as the portions here are smaller than usual.

Watch my VLOG here:

So that's it for now. My sister has been bugging to upload this, the vlog and the photos. So yeah! I hope you enjoy this post!

I'll see you in the next one! Happy weekend.

Peace and Love,

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