Saturday 12 August 2017

EsTrails: Cruising on Seine and Loving Versailles | Day 3 in Paris

View of Eiffel Tower at Night from Trocadero

Hello beautiful earthlings!

How have you all been? I hope this blog post finds you all well and good. It has been a week since we arrived from our recent holiday in London with the family (except dad T__T) so it has been a while that I have posted.
So I am here with a post on our 3rd day in Paris. This day was just BEAUTIFUL!

Obligatory family picture in Versailles
Obligatory family picture of the group outside the gates of the Palace of Versailles
On Monday, 26th June we headed early to Château de Versailles. I knew that the queue would be long so we wanted to be there early. Little did I know that the Palace is CLOSED on Mondays! I was so heartbroken and felt sorry for the guys. But we had free time on Wednesday and planned to visit the palace then.

Gardens of Versailles
Gardens of Versailles
We just headed to the Gardens of the palace and the gardens were just breathtaking. I saw the gardens in Midnight in Paris and that was nothing compared to seeing it in person.

We found a photo opportunity outside the garden "maze" and took a number of photos! Haha

Lunch at La Flottille

Gelato in Versailles

We had lunch at La Flottille and enjoyed the view. The price was decent compared to the food in Paris and we quite enjoyed our steak.

By this time, I was so relived to be sitting down. I didn't know that Versailles had cobbled stones and I wore 3 inch platforms that I have not broken into yet! That was my biggest mistake in this trip!

Arc de Triomphe

After Versailles, we headed to Arc de Triomphe. Champs Élysées was like an ocean filled with people!

View of Eiffel Tower from Arc de Triomphe
The view of Eiffel Tower from Arc de Triomphe featturing @_nikkai
View of Champs Élysées from Arc de Triomphe
View of Champs Élysées from Arc de Triomphe
The view from the top of Arc de Triomphe is amazing. The only thing was you have to prepare yourself for a workout as if you are using the Stairmaster to get to the top! But it was all worth it.

Beautiful Parisian apartment

After Arc de Triomphe, I wanted to go to Mori Yoshida for pastries. The shop closes at 7:30 PM and we ran towards the shop but to no avail - it was closed as well on Mondays! And I ran with heels! It goes to show my determination of getting pastries there.

The positive thing about this little misadventure was that I got to admire beautiful Parisien apartments near the cafe.

A post shared by Esjae (@esjaeee) on
A post shared by Esjae (@esjaeee) on
We took our time going back near the Eiffel Tower and headed slowly to Bateaux Parisiens around 9 PM for the River Seine cruise. It was the perfect time to take the cruise since we got to witness the sunset on Seine and the tower lighting up! It was just beautiful.

After the cruise, we headed to Trocadero and the view of the Eiffel Tower at night was captivating. I took a few photos but I made sure that I spent more time admiring it than taking the perfect shot.

Terrine maison
Terrine maison for starters
Roast chicken with Fries at Le Wilson
Roast chicken and fries for the main
We had dinner at Le Wilson. One of the waiters there was so friendly and attentive. He kept refilling the bread basket every time we were running low on bread. We were so hungry so do not judge that they had to refill our bread basket almost 3 times.

After dinner, we ran for the last metro in order for us to get home. My sisters were concerned about me running due my poor footwear choice but I got no one to blame for myself so I sucked it up.

Watch my vlog on our 3rd day gallivanting in the City of Light.

For those going to Paris, PLEASE VISIT VERSAILLES! Beautiful is one of the words to describe it. And do not be like me and do not check the opening times of the Palace and Mori Yoshida! T__T The third day in Paris was magical that I fell in love with the city for the second time and I fell HARD!

I remember when I was 13, I almost fell off the tour bus when I saw Eiffel Tower and fell in love with the city. 12 years later, seeing it light up against the sunset sky made me fall in love again.

So that's it for now.

Peace and Love,


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