Friday 2 March 2018

EsTrails/ESurient: A Taste of Nice Food Tour

Hello beautiful earthlings~

How are you doing? I hope this post finds you well and happy. I've been quite slow with posting my travel blog posts (well it's nothing new but I want to improve) but here I am with our fantastic food tour in Nice.

Back in October 2017, my friend Franz and I headed to Nice for 2 nights where I get to relive how I enjoyed Nice back in 2016. Ever since we did the Secret Food Tours in Paris, we figured we had to do the same thing in down south in Nice. We booked our food tours with A Taste of Nice and it costed us about €80 per person for the tour. Yes, it seems quite pricey but every penny is worth it. We met up with our lovely tour guide Ally on the promenade at around 10 AM.

Tourte des blettes
We waited for the rest of the group and once everyone was there, we were given a Niçoise speciality - tourte des blettes. I tried to Google translate that and it basically is a pie chard? Anyways, tourtes des blette is BOMBDOTCOM! (Already craving for it now as I type this).

It tasted like a dessert since it was sweet but I never guessed what it was made out of! It was made out of Swiss chard (very similar looking to bak choi) and other ingredients like pine nuts. It is a must try when in Nice!

Candied fruits of Henri Auer
After being educated about tourte des blettes, we headed towards Maison Auer (a sweets shop in Nice). We were told that Queen Victoria used to have a private spot in this shop whenever she visits the shop to eat all the good, sweet things she wanted.

We were given candied orange peel which had a combination of bitter and sweet taste. And after that, we were given almonds coated in chocolate and it ruined me. THERE WAS NOTHING TO COMPARE! It was the best chocolate coated almonds I've ever had! And the almond was roasted so it makes it A LOT better!

Cave Caprioglio
During the tour, our tour guide wanted us to run a little experiment. It was an experiment that shocked us. We compared the price of a 1.5L of water and wine. And guess what, WINE WAS CHEAPER BY COUPLE OF CENTS! If you're curious of how much a cheap wine out of the winery tap was, it was less than €2.50! And it was not a bad wine since my palate quite enjoyed it.

We headed to Marche de la Libération where we got to admire the street food markets and got to eat non-pasteurised cheese on a random street. We then headed to Socca Tram to have their famous socca. Apparently, this is the best socca place according to locals.

After Socca Tram, we headed to this market where we tried this drink that had a very strong star anise flavour (I was not fond of it) and also had pissaladière which was so good!

We headed to Paneolio for our lunch. And yes, this time we had a proper meal even though we have been stuffing ourselves since we started the tour.

The food we had was fantastic! Even the vegetables had so much flavour in them. Plus we had the wine flowing despite that we were quite a big group!

Oh you thought the food tour ended there?! Nope!

After our lunch, we headed to this quaint, family run business somewhere in Old Town Nice where we had the best sample taster of their homemade hazelnut spread (BETTER THAN NUTELLA YES!), olive oil and truffle infused salt! HMMM truffles! I love truffles. They make food so flavourful even though it can get pricey.

After that we ended the tour with gelato. I can't remember the name of the gelato place but I made sure to have my favourite flavour which is pistachio.

Watch my VLOG of our stay in Nice below:

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After our the food, we went back to our apartment to rest a bit. Our apartment was very basic but it was dead on the centre of the city. I could not believe at how amazing the view from our apartment was.

Let me know if you guys have been to Nice or are thinking of going there! And I hope you enjoyed this post! I'll see you all in the next one. Blessings to you~

Peace and Love,


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