Monday 10 March 2014

Manicure Monday: Avon's Apricot Mystery and Freezing

For this week's Manicure Monday, I decided to go the peachy nail polish look since Spring has finally approached Ireland!

The two polishes that I am featuring this week

  • Avon's Nailwear Pro in Apricot Mystery
    • PRO
      • Price - Price is between € 6-8. I only buy these nail polishes whenever Avon has them on sale.
      • Colour - The colour is GORGEOUS! Perfect for spring and summer.
    • CON
      • Discontinued - I have a feeling that this colour has already been discontinued as I can't see it in their online brochures.
      • Not available in Ireland - Another con to this it that Avon is no longer available in Ireland. I think it's already been a year?
      • Streaky- It does streak A LOT! I recommend that you dry the first coat first before applying a second coat.
      • Does not dry quick - It takes quite some time for this product to dry and for a girl like me who is impatient, it's a big NO-NO

  • Avon's Color Trend Colour Me Pretty in Freezing 
    • PRO
      • Price - Very affordable. Costs around € 2.50
      • Colour - I think it is pretty. It's a frosted pink that is leaning towards the brown shade.
      • Dries quick
      • Does not streak
    • CON
      • Not available in Ireland
      • Discontinued

What do you guys on your nails? Comment the link to your blog so I can check it out. And please support my blog following me here :D
Have a good week y'all~

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