Sunday 16 March 2014

White Day 2014 at Dublin's Oya Cafe

So my sisters and I decided to have coffee at this small cafe called Oya Cafe for White Day this year.  It is located in Richmond Street, Dublin 2.

So this is what the counter looks like.

With my "sister".

The place looks really cosy with enough chairs and sofas for customers.

Matcha Green Tea Latte: The real reason why we came to this cafe. It was my first time having such a thing and it was PERFECT! I did not even have to use the packet of sugar they gave me!

Caramel Spongecake: It was really good! The caramel was not too sweet and the cake was really soft.

Chocolate cake: It was reall good!

The price of the place is very affordable.  They have a bunch of offers written in the chalkboard however the Matcha latte was not part of any offers since it cost € 3.  The cakes are at € 2.56 each which is not bad.

The overall experience of this cafe was GREAT!  I really love how small and cosy it is! Plus it is quiet unlike your mainstream coffee houses like Starbucks. Most of the time, we had the cafe to all ourselves.  The place is also clean even their toilets!  Seriously, the toilets in Starbucks (both in Westmoreland Street) are filthy!  Management should do something about it really.

I really recommend this place!

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