Wednesday 30 April 2014

Portugal Trip (Day 2 - 13 April 2014)

I can't seem to  study now so that's why I'm posting our second day in Portugal. For our second day,we visited Fatima, then back to Lisbon and then took the tram to head over to Castelo de Sao Jorge (Sao Jorge Castle) where we had the most beautiful sunset and then dinner at this Japanese restaurant near our hotel.
Be ready for A LOT of photos!

Fatima Shrine

It was such a hot day and I was amazed by the devotion some people have. They were walking with their knees (if that made sense) all the way to the Shrine and it was a long walk! Imagine if you were just "kneeling" your way through! It was amazing! We took the mass at the new Basilica since we arrived late. The basilica was beautiful and huge!

The famous Tram 28
After getting the bus from Fatima to Lisbon, we then took the Tram 28 and headed over to where Castelo de Sao Jorge was.

The beautiful view at Cerca Moura
Took this tiny cobbled street and walked all the way up to the castle
Entrance to the castle and that's my sister there :D

We could see Restaudores Square from the Castle! The castle gives you the whole view of the city (or so we were told).

My mom and her friend wanted to leave but we insisted that we'd watch the sunset. We didn't regret our decision! It was peaceful and simply beautiful!

Watching the sunset with my sisters and our mom's friend's daughter
(L-R) My sister Nikki, Nichole (mom's friend's daughter), me, and my sister Steffi
A silhouette shot of me as the sun was setting

My parents and our family friend we were travelling with
My sisters and I on Tram 28
We took the tram again back to the city. It was quite a journey and it kinda turned cold during the night. We then headed to this Japanese restaurant called Nagoya. It was a buffet Japanese restaurant and we paid €14.95 each for dinner.

I was starving and ordered plenty of sushi. I was surprised at the strawberry one on the right. It was my first time trying such a thing and it was really good!
Salmon Roll (I think)
I had matcha green tea ice cream for dessert. You have to pay for dessert since it was not included but the price was very reasonable. It was around €2.95?

It was such a shame that we arrived late at the restaurant. They were about to close so we couldn't order anymore but it was worth it. We went back to the hotel really stuffed!

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