Thursday 1 May 2014

Boots Makeup Haul: Sleek Makeup, Collection, Rimmel and No7

Makeup goodies I got from Boots

Here's my first every haul post! So I ordered a couple of makeup items from Boots and I got it delivered at my chosen Boots store. My experience with their online shopping and store delivery was GREAT! I ordered three Sleek Makeup palettes and a blush on Monday and I got an confirmation e-mail that I would be receiving my order on Thursday (which is today) if things would go well. I'm glad that I got it today and it was so hassle free! 
Here are some photos of the parcel and the inside of it:

This is the parcel I got from the store. It has my name on it and I had to cover it for privacy reasons
This what it looked like when I opened it.

Inside the parcel, there was the items that I ordered and a sheet with my order details and also instructions on how you can return the products if you want. The only thing that kinda disappointed me was that only two palettes were in bubble wrap and the other palette and the blush were just at the side without any bubble wrap. My OCD kicked in and I was scared that if I'd open them that they'd have cracked but fortunately they were all in tack. So I guess it wasn't a big deal.

So here are the products that I ordered:
Sleek Original palette, Sleek Au Naturel palette, Sleek Oh So Special and Sleek blush in Rose Gold
I also did some makeup shopping with my sister in the store since I had a 100 points coupon.

(L-R) No7's eye contour brush, Collection's Work the Colour in Purple Eye Palette
and Rimmel's Scandal Eyes Waterproof Gel Eyeliner
I have own a couple of No7's eye contour brush and I love it but I gave one to my sister and I happened to lost mine. The Collection eyeshadow palette is a gift to my sister. Hopefully she'll allow me to swatch them.

I'll be reviewing/swatching these products hopefully soon!
Have a good day! <3


  1. Hey! I have chosen you for the "very inspiring blogger award" as I love reading your haul posts and reviews on nail varnishes! Check out my blog for the details!


    1. OH MY GOSH! I honestly do not know what to say! I am speechless due to happiness! I am so honoured that you have chosen me to be a part of your "very inspiring blogger award"! My blog is nowhere near as good as yours and WOW YOUR BLOG IS AMAZING! You're blog inspires me to better my content! Thank you so much!!