Tuesday 30 September 2014

Alone Time in Love is Art Cafe

I have planned that I would attempt to eat out on my own but I am just scared and uncomfortable of the thought of doing such a thing.   I have been putting it off since my birthday but there was a little voice in me saying that I should do it today since today is the last day of September (my birth month). So during my one hour break from college, I walked over to Love Is Art cafe in Great Strand Street. I have been wanting to go to this cafe in so long but never got the time and money to go there but finally I had both earlier today.

What the cafe looked like on the outside. It is so cute!
And here is their menu. I was delighted to see that they have my favourite drink
Matcha Green Tea Latte ~
The cafe is full of home-made trinkets. If I had a room for just myself, it would probably look like this cafe.  Here are photos of what the inside looks like:

My bookworm side screamed in the inside when I saw this book shelf

I unfortunately did not try their cakes since I was short of cash :(

I ordered Matcha Green Tea Latte for my hot drink.

The drink was PERFECT! I did not even have to put sugar! And the hotness was PERFECT again! I did not have to wait so long for it to cool down a bit for me not to burn my tongue.

I had an amazing "alone time" and a great experience with this cafe. I wish that I talked to the staff and asked question but doing this on my own took a toll on me haha!  I really recommend the place.  It is quiet which I really enjoy. I do not like hanging out in over crowded cafes and this place was just peaceful with instrumental music playing in the background.

I am happy that I had a relaxing time as I filled my journal with ink and my raw thoughts that no one will ever know except me and read a good book. Thank God I had the courage to do this and I decided that I should do this often. Bit by bit though since I am still kind of scared haha!

Peace and love,