Tuesday 2 September 2014

Bianca's 19th Tea Birthday Party

On 21 August, we celebrated the 19th birthday of our good friend and sistar Bianca! We actually wanted to have a tea party with us in our somewhat looked like 50s fashion (But we had to make do with what was in our closet so it was not exactly 50s).

Bianca's birthday cake - Mango and strawberry spongecake decorated in whipped cream! Yum!
Chocolate chip cookies made by the celebrant
Cinnamon egg tarts and choco pie!
Red velvet crinkles! It was divine!
Muffins from BB's
Tuna sandwiches
Someone is excited to get her glass of champagne!
Strawberry and champagne (I do not like champagne! It tasted so bitter >_<)
My sisters

Forgot to take a photo of our OOTD but I didn't forget to take a photo of my footwear.
I probably looked weird but I felt really cute and girly so that was what mattered!
Happy birthday Birthday Girl!
Time flies so fast. I cannot believe that the girl I met when she was 9 with hoop earrings is now 19!  I pray that God will bless you with happiness, success and that may you be a successful lawyer in the future!

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