Saturday 11 October 2014

Scared, Terrified and All The Things in Between

So... As the title suggests, I am scared of this thing that has bugging me lately. I already have posted an entry in my journal about this topic but writing to a journal is more of a reflection and I think I need advice in this topic or a perspective that I fail to see.

So here it goes...

I am scared that maybe my friends talk about me behind my back. And we all know talk behind my back as in backstabbing. I don't know if my friends do or do not do that to me but if they do, I'm scared to find out.  Also, I don't know how I'd be able to handle it.  You see, my friends are family to me and when I trust people, I do give it my all.  I give them my whole trust and my whole heart because I love them.  So how do you handle it when such things happen? I am not the confrontational kind and I just tend to ignore and move away from people who are like that.  I wonder if maybe I should talk to them if it does happen? I don't know.  The thought just breaks my heart to be honest.

I figured that in my friends and I's age range (or once a person hits their 20s), the "bitching" stops. I figured that we reach that maturity to just ignore the things we truly dislike about a person. Don't these people get tired too? For once, I hope these people would be extremely allergic to backstabbing.

So if you are reading this and do have an experience, please do share and comment your thoughts. Thank you.

Peace & Love.

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