Monday 27 April 2015

Food: Aobaba

Hello beautiful earthlings!

I am on a roll with posting! (Actually, I have this blog post drafted for about two weeks already and I just published it today).  I am here to show you this restaurant called Aobaba in Capel Street, Dublin 1.  It is a Vietnamese restaurant that my friends and I frequent in A LOT especially during the winter months because come on, you just gotta have pho on a cold, winter night!

The restaurant is quite small but it is cosy.  All the menus are up on the wall and they also have leaflets on the counter when you order. This helps a lot if you just want to point what you want to have without butchering the way the food is pronounced! I can't even say pho right haha

I ordered their Lemon Grilled Chicken with Vermicelli.  It was SO good! It had peanut served with it so to those allergic to peanuts or nut in general, beware! The peanut adds texture and crunch to the whole dish which I happen to really like!

Bianca ordered Chicken Fried Rice and Vietnamese baguette to share.

My sister ordered their spicy hue noodle (is this still considered pho? Because I do.) and some boba.

This was a somewhat special occasion since it was Nikki's first time trying Vietnamese food.  She unfortunately did not like her dish even with a lot of Siracha sauce in it.  She said she was not a fan of noodle soup in general.

This restaurant is really good for those who want good value for their money.  The prices are a bit more compared to your regular fast food chain but cheaper than your proper Asian restaurants around the area.

The average price of this restaurant is around €5-7 and is very budget friendly to students.  If we find ourselves hungry or tight when it comes to our budget, we just share a bowl of pho since the portions are quite big.

The downside to Aobaba is that some times, the place would get packed that it would be difficult to get a seat especially if you are going to eat there with friends.  Another thing is that they only accept cash which can be a burden since you only want to pay for the food without taking €20 from the ATM.

After our little meal. we walked home to this beautiful scenery that I want to share with you all.

You gotta love walking home when Mother Nature presents her beauty at you.

Also watch my vlog here with us eating at Aobaba and some OOTD beforehand haha

I hope you enjoyed this post. Try Aobaba and let me know what you think in the comments!

Peace & Love!
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