Monday 20 April 2015

Review: Catrice Absolute Eye Colour 040 Never Let Me Go Quad


 Hello beautiful earthlings!

I am here to review this eyeshadow quad from Catrice in 040 Never Let Me Go.  I will be discussing its pros and cons and also, I will show photos on how I wore this quad on my eyes.

  • Shade 1 is a shimmery peach eyeshadow with visible gold flexes.  It is a pretty colour for all over the eyelids
  • Shade 2 is a pearlescent nude colour that is good for all over the eyelids to neutralize the colour of the eyelids.  This is also a good highlight shade for the inner corners and browbone
  • Shade 3 is more of a cool brown that can be used for the outer V for depth
  • Shade 4 is a deeper brown eyeshadow colour with tiny gold flexes (smaller compared to Shade 1).  This shade can be used as an eyeliner or it can be used to create more depth and drama to the eyes.



I applied Shade 1 all over my eyelids.  I used an eyeshadow brush to pat the product instead of sweeping it. This helps with preventing from the eyeshadow and the gold flexes from falling out the lid area and also patting gives a more pigmented look.

With a blending brush, I placed Shade 3 in the outer corners of my eyes for definition and depth.

Using my fingers, I swept Shade 2 on my brow bone, inner corners as well as on my aegyossal for that "innocent and youthful" look.

I used Shade 4 on my lower lash line for definition with a small smudge brush.  (I opt for a different eyeliner for this look).

Here's the finished eye look with my full make-up :D

So about the quad, here are some pros and cons.

  • Versatility - The quad is very neutral and can be worn on a daily basis.  It can also be worn on special occasions by adding more of the darker colour on the outer V of your eyes for more drama.  I have worn it on both on normal days as well as on a special occasion.  In my opinion, it would look great on both cooler and warmer skin undertones.
  • Pigmentation - From the swatches above, you can see that the eyeshadows are quite pigmented.
  • Price - The quad is only €4.49! It can be found in Penneys as they carry this brand in their make-up section
  • Packaging - The packaging is simple yet chic.  It is also sturdy so I did not have any troubles or worry about the shadows breaking when it is in the bottom end of my bag.

  • Fall out - Shade 2 has quite a lot of fall out.  I would notice that some of the gold flexes are already down on my cheeks.
  • No mirror - It would have been nice if there was a mirror with the quad but I guess that would ruin the whole simple yet chic packaging.

So my overall verdict? 4/5.  I would recommend this quad to anyone.   To avoid fallouts, just make sure to pat the eyeshadow on the lids instead of using the window wiper motion.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post/review.  I welcome any constructive criticism to improve my reviews on this blog.  Let me know your thoughts down in the comments below!

 Peace & Love!
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