Thursday, 21 May 2015

Haul: Monki Sunglasses

Hello beautiful earthlings!
I am here with a haul post from Monki.  I made a purchase through their website.  They offer free shipping for orders  over €80. And if you do not want to splurge €80 to get free shipping, they offer shipping fee for €9. I placed my order on Friday night and I received it today (Thursday).

The package came in this little plastic packet with a cute design.

The packet contained the sunglasses I ordered, an invoice and a return slip just in case there was something I wanted to return.
The sunnies were packed in this clear plastic tube to keep it away from potential damages.

I have been on the hunt for a thick rimmed cat-eye sunglasses.  This Eve sunglasses is the one the fitted my liking!  It is so pretty!  They also have this in a tiger print.

This is the Luz sunglasses. I am quite disappointed with this one since the lens colour in the website is more like a sky/light blue. It is more darker in person.  They also have this in two other colours.

Okay, excuse my face.  I just got out fresh from the shower and giving my hair a break from using the hair dryer. Also, I am make-up free so I may not look as presentable but I'm okay with it haha!
I tried the Luz sunglasses and like I said, I was somewhat disappointed. I was hoping that even if I wore the glasses, the blue tint would still be visible.  But I guess the blue tint of the lens would only show up if you have a lighter complexion than I do.

I am actually quite in love with the Eve sunnies! I expected it to be bigger though but I guess my face is just too round for the sunnies. Nonetheless, I still love it!

I cannot wait to start wearing this to my upcoming holiday!
I hope you all enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed putting it together. Wishing you a happy weekend since we are nearing the weekend mark!
Peace and Love!
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  1. Let me know if you're ever willing to sell your "Eve sunglasses" :-)

  2. At the first signs of stress or anxiety, just go to a quiet place and wear the glasses for up to fifteen minutes. By blocking out the surrounding noise, the glasses help your brain to relax.