Saturday 5 November 2016

EsTrails: Musée d'Ethnographie de Genève & Patek Philippe Museum, Geneva

Hello beautiful earthlings! How have you all been? This post is WAY long overdue but I guess it has been my style in publishing these blog posts pretty late in the game.  College is stressful and November is just hell month for all of us with having to catch up with assignments plus we have to work on our dissertation and catch up with our studies.

Enough babbling about college. This blog post is dedicated to our third day in Geneva.  We did not have much planned that day but we managed to see a couple of things.

We managed to get ourselves lost in looking for the Patek Philippe Museum and came across the Musée d'Ethnographie de Genève.  Since it was free, we figured that it would be no harm in going in and look at the exhibition which was based around the Amazonia and other cultures.

I was pretty amazed with this Buddha statue.  There were some cracks in the details that they had to preserve it.  I cannot really remember where the statue originated from.

There were also parts of the exhibit with garments from the hunter-gatherer era.  There were also sleds used back in the day that originated from Alaska.

After the first museum, we finally found the Patek Philippe Museum.  The entrance fee was very affordable. It was just CHF 5.  As far as I remember, they also accept payment in euro.

The museum was BEAUTIFUL!  The work behind the clockwork (if this makes any sense) was just amazing.  There were a number of showing of the history of clockmaking every hour and we managed to miss it as the last showing was at 6 PM.  We spent a lot of time walking around the museum and taking in the beauty of the clocks, watches and even music boxes they have made.

The only downside to this was NO PHOTOGRAPHY ALLOWED! T__T The photo above was the closest thing I got a photo of the inside.  We were immediately stopped when they saw me coming in with my camera.  We had to leave our bags, phones and cameras in the locker area.

If you ever go there, admire the rose watch they have. It was so Beauty & the Beast-esque! It was not a wrist watch or anything but a rose with a clock in the inside.  It is so hard to describe it but go look for it and be amazed like I was!

After the museum, some ates and kuyas invited us to eat with them.  We decided to go to this Japanese restaurant called Wasabi which was basically in the city centre.

The next day, I asked my friends one favour which was to come with me to the post office to send my postcards.

Their post office works differently to what I am used to in Ireland.  Before you go to any booth, you must take a ticket and wait for your number to pop on screen and which booth to go to. In Ireland, you just basically queue!

The group with our mission volunteer Ate Anne~

Watch my vlog:

I want to thank the ates and kuyas who took time to hang out with us.  They were so kind to show us around and kind enough to endure our silly banters. We are hoping to see them in the next congress which will be hosted in our country!

Comment and subcribe to my blog~ I have my recent trip to Nice pending in my file! Wishing you guys a happy day ahead~

Peace & Love,
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  1. I believe that you are enjoying well with your family and friends. It has been always nice to read your experience.

    1. Hi! Thank you for your comment. It was a great experience for everyone in our group and we had an amazing time!

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