Sunday 16 October 2016

EsTrails: Exploring Geneva (St Pierre's Cathedral, Broken Chair and more)

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We did a couple of touristy things on our second day in Geneva.  We strolled around the streets and walked from our apartment to St. Pierre's Cathedral.  We took a bunch of photos along the way.

Everybody was on a YMCA frenzy as it was one of the performance we the boys had to prepare for the congress.

Figured that if there was a pretty fountain decorated with colourful flowers, why not pose in front of it and take an OOTD photo hahaha!

I don't know why but I found this street so fascinating with a bunch of flags hung up.

Getting in the cathedral was free, but if you want to go to the tower that gives you a panoramic view of Geneva, you would have to pay 5 CHF or €5.

We went to the wrong tower the first time. And be warned that there are plenty of steps! We definitely worked out our gluts! Be aware of how narrow the stairways are.  There are "traffic lights" on the doors that would tell you to go up/down the stairs or wait.  It was a nightmare having to squeeze with other people going down the stairs as we were going up.

It was worth it though as we got to see this view. And the breeze was refreshing as we were drenched in sweat!

We then took a tram going to the United Nations Office and where the Broken Chair was. By the way, tourists are entitled to a free travel pass.  We were given travel passes by our hotel.  I am not sure if this also works with AirBnb accommodations.

The sculpture was amazing. And the meaning behind this is quite powerful.

There was a mural just beside the gates of the UN offices so my sister had to take this photo-op.

Bacon avocado beef burger
We then headed back to Gare.  Our friends from Geneva recommended the burger place Holy Cow as they had the best burgers in town.  The particular burger I had above was not as good as the ones I had the following day.

The price was quite expensive than what I am used to but they are good burgers. The burger meals prices ranged between 14 to 20 CHF.

After lunch, our local friends brought us to the Parc de la Grange where we chilled for a bit.

We wanted to go boat paddling around the lake so we did.  We rented two paddling boats that could fit 6 people each at École de Navigation located near the Baby Plage.  I cannot exactly remember how much we spent but I remember that it was affordable. It probably was less than 15 CHF.

We had a little race getting from one point to another against the boys.  We miserably failed at first, with trying to manoeuvre the boat.  It was fun even though our legs were sore in the process of paddling.

The view up close Jet d'Eau was beautiful plus the sunset just totally set the mood even though it was like spitting rain.

Watch our fun filled day with my vlog:

College is getting a little crazy lately with a bunch of deadlines to meet so delay in publishing posts.  But I hope you guys enjoy this post.  I hope to see you soon in the next one.

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