Wednesday 1 March 2017

EsTrails: Nice, France

Hello beautiful earthlings!

On our third day in Nice, we just took everything slow. We did so much on the previous day that we decided that we can sleep in and enjoy Nice without having to worry about catching any buses or trams.

We did not take any public transportation that day and walked around this beautiful city.  If you are planning to see the city the way we did, wear comfortable shoes!

Fontaine du Soleil
Fontaine du Soleil
You simply cannot miss the Fontaine du Soleil featuring Apollo in the middle of Place de Masséna.

Cours Saleya Market
Flower stands in Cours Saleya Market
I was so excited that day going to the market. I wanted to see the busyness of it all while admiring the products and local produce from the flower stands, to the stands with artisan soaps and other food.

I bough a number of soap bars in Èze and to be quite honest, the variety and prices were better in Nice.

Campo di Fiori, Nice

We had lunch at Campo di Fiori which was basically beside the market.  They served a number of food from moule frites to seafood paella to creamy truffle pasta.

All the food were delicious and the price was not that bad.

Coffee at Campo di Fiori

It probably is a French thing when a normal coffee is an espresso. We were quite surprised on our first day but we quite liked it. Espresso is better and the one we had at Campo di Friori was perfection.

Castel Plage

We walked around the promenade and we were just in awe with the beauty of the promenade and the beach.  The weather when we were there made everything perfect as if it was a warm summer day but in October.

Le Cadran Solaire
Le Cadran Solaire

Le Cadran Solaire

Standing on the sun dial will indicate the time. I stood there and it told the wrong time. I probably did it wrong 😓
Outfit of the Day in Nice

 I quite enjoyed my OOTD. Representing my love for the two homies Finn and Jake of Adventure Time.

This was taken during sunset so I apologise for the order of this photo. I just wanted to show you Castle Hill.

Parc de la colline du chateau is beautiful. There are number of spots like this one where you could take awesome OOTDs!

Port Lympia

Let's not forget to talk about the amazing view from the top of the castle where you could see the port.

Waterfalls in Castle Hill

Vieille Ville

As mentioned in my other blog posts, I love old towns and Nice is one of the charming old towns I have been to. Though I haven't been to many just yet.

Church of Saint Jacques le Majeur
Church of Saint Jacques le Majeur

Nice Cathedral
Nice Cathedral

Fenocchio Glacier
Fenocchio Glacier
Fenocchio is one of the places in Old Town Nice where people actually don't mind queuing up just to taste the unique flavoured gelatos they offer.

Fenocchio gelato

I tried their floral flavours which were lavender, jasmine and rose that I could not get in Ireland. I totally forgot to try their cactus flavoured gelato which apparently is their signature flavour that people try when visiting Nice.

Sunset at Port Lympia

Took this photo overlooking the market. It was a sight like no other.

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