Thursday 23 March 2017

ESurient: Celtic Cookie Company, Dublin

Gourmet Ice Cream Sandwiches

Hello beautiful earthlings!

I have not done any ESurient/foodie post in a while so here I am with a blog post about Celtic Cookie Company located in Abbey Street, only a few steps away from Arnotts.

They have been open for a few months now and I always pass by but never get the chance to pop in.  But thanks to my sister, we finally did a stop for a wonderful dessert.

The staff were very welcoming. They did not have that "please-buy-or-get-out" body language, they were very engaging telling us the cookie flavours they have and encouraged us to try their tasters.

Please excuse the photo quality! I didn't bring my camera with me and just used my phone >_<

Celtic Cookie Company Tasters

Celtic Cookie Company Coffee Menu

Celtic Cookie Company Menu and Price

They do not only sell gourmet cookies but they have gourmet ice cream and coffee. Unfortunately, I have not tried their coffee yet. And look how reasonable the prices are!

Thank you Niel for being a good subject! Haha

Gourmet Cookies by Celtic Cookie Company

We asked one of the staff (she seems like she is the manager and I forgot to ask for her name) if they make their cookies in house. I am glad to know and happy to share with you that they make all their cookies fresh in their little cafe.

They do five batches a day and they shelf life does not last more than 1 hour! This means that their cookies are flying out the door! Who could blame them? Their cookies have both the combination of moisture, crunch and it has flavour! It is perfection.

We could even hear them making a new batch in their kitchen as one of the staff seemed whisking a cooking batter!

Ice Cream by Celtic Cookie Company

From what I gather, their ice-cream is by Butler's Ice-Cream.

I highly recommend the Irish Cream. It has a hint of liquor that adds another dimension of flavour to the ice-cream sandwich.

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I got their Gourmet Ice-Cream Sandwich.  The price is so reasonable! €4.50 for two cookies and two scoops of any ice cream flavour of your choice.

I got Nutella and Red Velvet cookies with Butler's Irish Cream and Hazelnut and topped it with salted caramel sauce! They serve it in a tub which helps A LOT especially for messy eaters like me! Haha

I was a happy kid lost in a toy shop but in this case a 20-something lady in a cookie shop! It is basically almost the same thing right?

ESurient at Celtic Cookie Company

Can you spot #ESurient?

Hint: It is written in blue ink and is located west to the plastic spoon!

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Here are my sister and friend pointing where I have written ESurient in Celtic Cookie Company's white wall!

If you pass by CCC, stop for a second and smell the cookies and don't be shy to have some of their tasters.  The staff are very welcoming.  They are opened from 09:00 to 19:00 so have plenty of time to pop in. I will definitely get their coffee next time and pair it with a cookie!

That is it for me for now. I will see you in the next post!

Peace and Love,
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