Saturday 30 September 2017

EsTrails: Strolling Around Oslo | Day 1 in Oslo

Hello beautiful earthlings!

It has been 2 months since our trip to Norway and looking back at the photos and clips that I've included for my blog and vlog makes me miss it!
We just chilled around our first day before we head to Hallingdal the following day. We just walked around the city and went around some of the attractions.

Oslo City Centre
First thing we did when we arrived in the city was head to our hostel and dump all our stuff there. I wish I took photos of our hostel but everything got so hectic.

We stayed in Anker Hostel for our first day in Oslo and then when we get back from Hallingdal. The hostel was very budget friendly and it is near the city. We got a 10 bed room and the place was clean and that was the thing that mattered.


Our accommodation was just beside Arbil - a kebab restaurant. The food that I got was BOMB! Downside? Well it is quite expensive for lunch. Everything in Oslo is more expensive than Dublin so my wallet cried every time I take out money 😭 

Trinity Church
University of Oslo
How beautiful is this university?!

This was just a random street that we passed by and I just found myself charmed by it along with a number of streets in the city.

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I cannot remember the name of this pub but according to our friend that this is one of the oldest pubs in the world. It is so quaint that my heart just fluttered. So Instagram worthy!

Noble Peace Center

The fjords was just breath taking! You would not think that such scenery would exist in a city but Oslo somehow does it so perfectly.

Check out my VLOG of our first day below:

I'll see you guys in the next post. Hopefully it is my favourite journal spreads!

Peace and Love,

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