Sunday 17 September 2017

EsTrails: Versailles Venture | Day 5 in Paris

Hello beautiful earthlings!

I am guilty for procrastinating when it comes to creating, drafting and publishing this post. I have no excuse to be honest but after I do this post, I will plan out my weeks better in terms of what I have to do like my blog posts, videos and maybe start a new series here on my blog!

For now, let's go back memory lane and see what we were up to in Versailles.

The queue to get in the Palace was just insane! I wanted to go earlier but things just did not go as planned.

We visited the Gardens on a Monday and did not know that the Palace is actually closed so I did not want to miss the chance of seeing the Palace.

Hall of Mirrors
I was already amazed with Jardin de Versailles but the Palace just took my breath away. The small details and the elaborate rooms and hallways were just beautiful that it just leave me saying 'WOW' each time I enter another room.

We made a quick stop to Moulin Rouge for a few snaps then walked to Montmartre.

Maison George La

We headed to Montmartre since our friend Bianca requested it. We found ourselves getting macaron and chocolate to bring home as presents.

The unfortunate thing about this little venture during this day was that we did not get to explore all of the Château de Versailles since we had to go to Montmarte and then back to our Airbnb to go to Beauvais airport. But good news is that I will be going back to Paris in October! This goes to show how much I love France!

Watch my vlog of our last day in Paris:

Thank you for taking the time to read my post and/or watch my vlog. It means a lot to me. I will see you soon!

Peace and Love,

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