Monday 6 November 2017

Es finally #graduatES

Hello beautiful earthlings!

Character Development Unlocked 
Experience Level Up: +1 and additional faith
Weapon: Degree (increase in strength) and Cap (increase in initiative)
Accessories: Robe (HP +5)
Outfit: White Dress (well this makes me look like a superhero/white mage/ Final Fantasy character 😆😂) 

How have you all been? I have been great! Two days ago, I finally made it and graduated!
You guys probably would not know how long I have waited for that day to come. It has been what? 8 years since I graduated from secondary/high school. And you probably know how it goes: after high school, you get yourself into college; do 4 years and then graduate.

Well my younger self had that plan: To go to college, graduate, get a job and then travel. That was my life sequence that I have planned for myself. But guess what?! Life did not happen to be that smooth and God had such bigger plans for me and had the sequences all jumbled together. 

You know what God's plan and the sequence of His plan was?
  1. Go to college (I went to three I might add and DIT must have been my third time charmer)
  2. Study
  3. Work part time
  4. Travel a little
  5. Get internship and then get hired for full time right after final year exams
  6. Travel a lot
  7. Graduate
I thought that my adventure would start right after graduation but God planned a much fun and bigger adventure right before I graduate. I am so blessed to experience all of that.

On my graduation day, we got a taxi and our taxi driver happened to ask what the occasion was. My parents proudly said that it was my graduation (my feeling ---> 😊) and the taxi driver said 'it is now time for you to get a "real" job'. I was so happy and so satisfied to tell him that 'I have a real job right after exams'!

My heart is just overjoyed. I am so blessed to have such people in my life who never gave up on me, who fervently prayed for my success and my sanity to be exact and who encouraged me that I can do it. And I am thankful to have such a merciful, loving God. I would not be able to do this without Him.

I am a firm believer that our plan is NOTHING compared to what God has planned. I am happy how life turned out even though it was not as what I had planned. So whoever reads this, I pray that this encourages you to pray that your plans will be aligned to what the Father has already planned for you. There is God with you who is a lot bigger than your struggles and your plan and He loves you!

I want to thank my parents who supported my decision to go back to college right after my FETAC and who supported me financially, my siblings who were patient and forced me to hit the books when I procrastinated, my friends who encouraged me and uplifted me whenever I felt giving up and when I was losing confidence, my CFC/SFL family who continuously prayed for me and lit candles for me.

Thank you also for my titos and titas who helped last night's preparation for my graduation party. To the Furaque, Anino, Rubio and especially to my Ninong and Ninang - thank you for always being generous with your helping hands.

Thank you for everyone who came last night and for making that night very memorable.
And thank you for taking the time to read. I will see you in the next blog post!

Peace and Love,

I can do all this through Him who gives me strength. - Philippians 4:13

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