Saturday 25 November 2017

EsTrails: Food Trip | London Day 1 & 2

Hello beautiful earthlings.

I didn't manage to post this before we left for London last weekend. Life has been hectic yet again. I was busy before we headed before London and then stress hit me when I got back to work. But it's almost the weekend so I guess I am surviving.

For the August bank holiday, we wanted to celebrate my Dad's 60th birthday in London but the visa processing centre here in Dublin took AGES before they gave him his visa. Talk about inefficient.

We booked our accommodation through We were so happy with the house that we rented back in August.. It was so clean and spacious. The hosts were very kind to leave us food and the attention to detail was just impeccable.

I never got this postcard back 😢
What we loved the most about the house was the large garden that had sofas, benches and a swing set! I highly recommend staying in this accommodation - perfect for families and large groups.

The following day, we headed to South Bank. Managed to get me a froyo from Snog but then it started to rain heavily! Talk about us bringing the unpredictable Irish weather over to the UK.

We decided to just go to the Sea Life Aquarium to keep us dry from the rain and to let the baby in the group visit his first aquarium. He was not fond seeing the fish and other sea animals up close.

We had dinner at Ping Pong on South Bank. Food was good but a bit pricey. The service was good and we were taken care of.

We then headed to M&M's World. It was crazy packed! I recommend going during the night time as it was A LOT less crowded and you get to actually see what other facilities and free games they have.

Our main reason why we wanted to go to London was to EAT especially in Chinatown. I headed over to Chatime for boba and then to Wonderful Patisserie for my pastries for the evening.

Before we headed home, we wanted to try the most talked about and the most raved bubble wrap. There is a store called Bubble Wrap but the queue was ENDLESS! But we found out that the bake shop called Bake do the same time and serve with matcha soft serve for £6 AND IT WAS DIVINE! 😍

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When other people saw us walking out of Bake holding a big bubble wrap each, they could not help but be curious. One person even encouraged me to finish the entire thing which I did!

This was definitely the highlight of our day and we went home happy.

Check out my VLOG:

Thank you for taking the time in reading this post. I appreciate you and I will see you in the next post!
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