Thursday 13 September 2018

Farewell My Mid-20s

Hi God,

Yup, I cannot believe that your kid is no longer in her mid-20s. I have finally and officially entered the late 20s spectrum T__T. You brought me so many opportunities, blessings and also challenges that I had to overcome at age 26.
During my mid-20s, I always view You as the driver/pilot of my life and that You will take me from one destination to another. But now, that has slightly changed. Well, You still are the driver because you know me; I space out a lot and daydream (kinda terrified taking the driving test now! Haha) I view You as THE greatest Artist of them all as You continue to mould me into the person You want me to be. As I prayed to You about Your dream for my life and also my dream of becoming a creative director one day (Your will, Your Way!), I realised that You are THE Creative Director of my life!

'Framed' in His image
He 'captured' me
That aperture
That shutter speed
That Master has what the camera needs
And we only got one 'shot',
But how could a subject decide the exposure?
We may have the freedom
But what do we really exert our control over?
I am not sovereign
I'm just another cog in a locket
He giveth and taketh
But who am I questioning God and His logic? 
- Like Waves by NAK 

When I first heard this track, it immediately caught my full attention. As I started to view You as the Master Artist and Creator as I near the end of my 26th year, I realised that there are certain things in my life that I have no control over; that I should lift and surrender everything to You (thanks for your not so subtle whispers during ESC this year and I truly got Your message) From reflecting upon the song Like Waves, I can never decide the exposure, aperture or even the shutter speed as You 'capture' me. You are the one behind the camera and I am just Your subject. As much as I am not fond being in front of the camera, who am I to question Your ways and how You want to mould me?

God, I pray that You continue to guide me. Help me to learn to let go and let You be in control. Help me view myself as the way You see me (God, you gotta get those negatives developed and give them to me 😂) You know me, I always try to be funny 😅

God, I pray that you will continue to fuel that fire I have in me and that the encounter you have blessed me with this coming November will be something that will bring glory to You. I don't know why you keep favouring me with my silly daydreams lately but I am so happy. Now I get it - that Your 'no' leads to better 'yeses'.

I also pray that I may be able to showcase Your masterpiece and that YOU ARE THE GREATEST ARTIST OF THEM ALL as I turn my reveries into reality.

I pray this in the Mighty Name of your Son, Jesus. Amen.

Dear Es,

Do your 26-year-old past self a favour and fulfil the dreams you have been praying for. Continue to view God as the creative director of your life. Be empowered by knowing God is your Defence - your Sword and your Shield. I'm sure your fantasy oriented mind would definitely get it. Don't ever feel sorry for having out-of-this-world thoughts and don't listen to when people discourage you and say to get your head out of the clouds because you know what? Life is a little less boring when you think of it that way and God made you like that so keep doing you.

Dear reader,

P.S Though this blog has been around since 2014, is officially 3 years old! And because of this milestone, I am launching (I actually already started this) a never used hashtag before #ReveriesIntoReality. This hashtag means a lot of me as let God turn my reveries into reality.

Peace & Love,

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