Tuesday 13 November 2018

Reveries Into Reality

Hi there. Yup, that photo is not photoshopped. I didn't just stick Christian's face beside mine and have you seen my face in that photo? I looked so awkward!

Anyways, the moment I have been praying for and waited for has already come and gone on Sunday, 11th November 2018. We were so hyped up going in to the show. So looking forward to meeting the DPR crew but while queueing, the security guard has made a couple of announcements that VIPs will be taken a photo with DPR Live and then go - no hanging around, no talking to anyone; just go straight to the venue hall. I have to admit that I felt a little upset hearing this since DPR said that there would be a chance to go up and talk to them. I didn't bother getting my hopes up after that. My introverted and 'can't be bothered' nature already took over at this point.

But when we got closer to the photo booth area, we say the gang hanging out talking to fans. Then, the minute when it was our turn, they started moving and went in the venue. Figured, fine whatever at least we get to have a photo with Live and maybe me conversing with Christian was not meant to be. I kept telling myself that maybe this is not God's will and that rejection is His protection. At least everyone from our group got a hug from Live.

When we got to the venue, we saw Christian at the corner taking photos with fans and talking to them. You guys probably might think I am crazy for praying to God for months, asking Him to give me a moment to converse with him and tell him how much of an inspiration he is. You might also think that I am a crazy fan girl but in all seriousness and truth, I love Christian the visual director. I never knew him as a K-pop idol. I knew him as Christian Yu a.k.a DPR +IAN part of DPR and got to know his way of thinking and creativity which I admired the most about him.

We can sense that Christian wants to get a breather from taking photos from fans so I didn't want to insist myself to go up and talk to him but my sisters actually gave way and told me go talk to him. So I mustered up the courage and went up to him. I told him how much he is an inspiration to me. And after a selfie, I told him that because of him and DPR crew, I want to pursue Applied Digital Media in Video Production. He said to definitely do it and that he fully supports me. I was so touch to hear these words from someone who inspires me so much. I totally forgot to ask him to where and how to even start! XD

This maybe just a fan girl moment to most of you but to be honest, with what happened last weekend is a reassurance from God that I should chase my dreams and do it; that I should make my reveries into my reality and that God is with me all the way.

My PCD has kicked in yesterday when we were on our way to the airport to go back home. I kid you not when I say/type that I cried on the plane while DPR Live's songs keep playing  in my ears. It hit a lot harder today at work with me controlling the tears. I have been listening to DPR Live nonstop even after the show hoping that it would cure my PCD but I don't think it will go away anytime soon. Still thankful for everything!

That's it for now. I just really wanted to do this blog post so it can serve as a reminder to my future self.

Peace and Love,