Thursday 12 June 2014

Haul: Superdry, AllSaints, Tony Moly and Etude House

Yay for two blog post in a day!
At the beginning of the year, my parents and I went to Kiladare Village Shopping Outlet. Got a couple of things that I would like to share with you. This is not me bragging of what I got okay?

Got this shorts from Reebok for only € 5.  I now use it as my jogging shorts :D

This shorts is from AllSaints! Finally I have something from this brand! I've been eyeing AllSaints for so long but I can never afford it but thank God for outlet shopping.  The original price was € 88 but I got this for €28 :D

This is from AllSaints as well. This is actually a large men's shirt but I can work a man's shirt.  I got this for only € 14.

I really like this top! I got it because of the patch! It reminded me like an anime's uniform! And by I, I mean my parents! Thank you mom and dad!

My best friend came back from the Philippines and she got me these make-up items! Yay! I need a few more weeks to test them out for a review :D

You might be wondering where is the Superdry, well I forgot to take a photo of it. And too lazy to do it now. It's just a normal Superdry jacket haha

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