Monday 23 June 2014

Summer Solstice Weekend 2014

The 21 and 22 of June was the summer solstice weekend.  My family had planned that we would go out of town or out of the country around those dates but there were no availability for any affordable city breaks.  I figured out that God wants me to be at this Christian Life Seminar. So I told my friend that I'd be going.   He had invited me to go for as long as we have known each other.

I was really not expecting that much and I was not expecting anything to happen to me since I already am I person of faith. We had talks all day Saturday and also had reflections, confessions and worship. During reflection we were asked to just pray.  Instrumental music was being played by the music ministry and the worship leader was preaching and praying with us.  Then after the instrumental, the first song was "From The Inside Out" by Hillsong.

"A thousand times I've failed
Still your mercy remains
Should I stumble again
Still I'm caught in your grace
Everlasting, your light will shine when all else fades
Never ending, your glory goes beyond all fame"
When that song started playing, I started crying. I felt God's love for me. That song was and is still the song that I always listen to when I am hopeless and almost to become faithless. Whenever I listen to that song, I happen to always find myself back on track again. During the pray over, two girls whom I have not met before said their prayers for me. I felt touched. Their prayers for me was so heart felt and genuine and it made me realize that even strangers can pray for you genuinely and that there are genuine people in this world.

During the worship service, the last song we sang was "Set On Fire" and I felt the Holy Spirit in me. I felt God's love and mercy. Words could not explain how great of a feeling it was. I am truly blessed for that to happen. I also made new friends and I'm so happy that I did since I am somewhat a socially awkward person at times.

Thank You God for everything. May you bless everyone with your love and grace.

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