Thursday 12 June 2014


I have not posted anything in this blog in so long and I apologize to my readers (Are they even any? Haha). This post is way overdue so here it is.
On 28th of May, my friend (more like sister) Bianca treated us for some Korean BBQ to celebrate her graduation.  We went to Hilan Chinese & Korean Restaurant and we ordered Korean BBQ for 5 people and it was more than enough for us six people.  I think the price was about € 70 and we ordered rice and some fries as well.

Here's the group  without me since I was the one who took the photos haha

So here's what we got. We had portions of beef, bulgogi, chicken, shrimps, squid, lamb and the forgot to give us the pork belly at first but they gave it to us anyways.  We also got cabbage leaves, kimchi, ademame, bamboo shoots and other sauces.

My forever sisters
For someone who wanted to venture into the beauty blogging community, I am quite awkward.  I really do not like being in front of the camera. This is me posing the best that I could haha

A close up of my shoes and accessories
The shoes I wore are from Penney's that I got during Christmas for € 5. The orange satchel bag is from River Island and the watch is from Armani Exchange.

Hope you enjoyed my post!

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