Saturday 26 September 2015

ESurient: Sarsá, Mall of Asia

Hello beautiful earthlings!

This is the first ESurient related post but it is nothing different from a food related post.  I decided to call all my food posts to ESurient.  It has ES in it and it means greedy or hungry so I think the word describes my foodie self and posts perfectly!

I am here to talk about this restaurant we ate in during our stay in Manila.  My mom told us to eat here since she saw it in a Filipino TV show while we were in Ireland called Kris TV and it was highly raved apparently.

Sarsa has a casual, comfortable ambiance which I liked a lot.  You could actually see their kitchen and the chefs preparing the dishes.

Their menu includes a brief introduction on who they are and what they serve.  At the bottom of the menu, it also explains what the word sarsa mean.  It means a sauce that makes the dish taste better.

The restaurant also has an outdoor seating to those who want to bask in the hot warm Manila air.  We just stayed inside where we knew we wouldn't be cranky since we were in a room with air conditioning.

The view is quite nice outside though. Across Sarsa and several restaurants around that floor, they face Manila Bay.

Inside the restaurant, they have a huge blackboard with their new dishes.  The price range of the restaurant is quite good.  I think it is quite affordable compared to the food pay over here in Ireland.

I did not expect much on their food since I really did not know what to expect but man! IT WAS FANTASTIC! I ordered two dishes: lechon manok salad (roast chicken salad) with calamansi (calamondin) dressing.  The dressing was so delicious and complemented the chicken really well!

We were a large group when we got there and only took a photo on our side of the table.

The other dish that I ordered was tuna sisig.  I don't know why I didn't take a photo of it. Maybe because I was too hungry to even take a single photo.

Remember how much I raved about the lechon manok salad couple paragraphs ago? Well the tuna sisig was even better! I have not tasted anything quite like it and it was SO DELICIOUS! I highly as in HIGHLY recommend t if ever you're in Manila/Mall of Asia.

I had to rave about the food in my Instagram.  Our friend Zandra mentioned that eating at Sarsa was one of the things she wanted to do in her bucketlist.  She mentioned the head chef of Sarsa, JP Anglo in the comments and he commented saying thank you!

I am not paid to say this or I'm just saying this because the chef said thanks to my photo in IG but I honestly love the food I had at this place and I would definitely come back whenever I am in Manila in the future.

Well, that's my ESurient post of the day.I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope that you are not reading this in the middle of the night hungry!

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Peace & Love!
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