Wednesday 9 September 2015

H&M Studio Autumn/Winter Collection 2015

Hello beautiful earthlings!

I had the privilege to be Bianca of Cosmetique-Cosmos' plus one for H&M's press night/shopping event for their new Studio collection for A/W 2015 on Tuesday night.

The mannequins were wearing the new pieces from the collection!

When we got there, we were offered prosecco and cake pops!  Bianca enjoyed a couple of glasses of prosecco I might add! Haha

They had two screens at the cash desk that plays the fashion show showcasing the Studio Collection back in Paris.  I got excited to see Lui Wen on the screen!

There were a lot of people at the event, from bloggers to press people to customers who were actually eyeing to buy the new collection way before everybody else!

I really want that bralet since it was only €19.99! Even though I would not really wear it outside! Haha I just wanted it because I thought it was pretty!

The collection was very futuristic and space-like.  These goodies will be available for the public on Thursday.

Vogue Williams was at the event as the DJ!  She is gorgeous!

Since it was a shopping event, we roamed around the store to actually shop.

It was more peaceful at the 2nd floor which was the Divided concept of H&M.  That was where we found a couple of pieces that we wanted to purchase.

Bianca concentrated on what to get haha!

The staff at the third floor gave us free copies of the Stellar Magazine which was amazing!

I had to take a photo of her with the winding stairs inside the store!

There was a fashion show during the event that happens every 25 minutes.  The models would start making their way from the escalator.  A lot of the people gathered around to watch the models strut their stuff.  

I really like what this model was wearing! And she rocked the cap too!  And can we just say how beautiful all of them were?

We got near the models during the third set - if you'd call it a set.

Vogue Williams wore this space helmet on every time the models would come down the escalators.

When the male models came, man! I was trying so hard to act cool cause they are so freaking good looking that I would probably end up balling at how pretty these boys were!

I have this huge crush on the guy in the middle! He is so tall and so good looking!

The servers started giving these goodies out when the event was about to finish.

Bianca was so excited to get some sweets!

This event made me broke to be honest!  Here's a little OOTN.  A lot of people I spoke with complimented me which made me very happy and it humbles me to be honest!  One compliment that really made my heart melt was that I looked so classy! It was such a huge compliment!

A photographer from Dublin Fashion asked me if it was okay for her to take my photo and all I could say was "Really?!".  I don't know what happened to the photo or where they posted it.  The fact that someone asked me really flattered me.

Thank you Bianca for taking this photo!

There were such nice and kind people at the event.  One guy asked us if we wanted a photo together and he was so happy to take our photo with my camera.

We had an amazing night at the event and I am thankful that Bianca chose me to be her plus 1!  I cannot wait for H&M's collaboration with Balmain! I am definitely sure that it is going to be bigger and it is something to look forward to!

I hope you beautiful earthlings enjoyed reading this post!

Peace & Love!
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