Tuesday 1 September 2015

EsTrails: Trick Eye Museum; Adventure Cove, Singapore (Day 2)

Hello beautiful earthlings!
On our second day in Singapore, we went to Sentosa to go to the Trick Eye Museum and Adventure Cove.  We bought our tickets at Trick Eye's website.  The ticket costed us SGD 25 (around €15).  We got a 2-in-1 package for Universal Studios and Adventure Cove at AsiaTravel for the price of SGD 94 (around €60).  With AsiaTravel, we had to pick dates for each of the attractions.
Our hostess Audrey from Gusti B&B told us that it would be cheaper if we took the taxi going in to Sentosa instead of the LRT.  The taxi fare from Lavender to Sentosa was about SGD 12 during non-peak hours.  It was about 20 minute drive from the area we stayed in.  Audrey mentioned that taking the LRT could cost us more since you had to pay a separate travel fare using the Sentosa line.

We told our taxi driver to bring us to Sentosa and to drop us off at the entrance of the casino which was basically the parking lot of Resorts World.

Trick Eye Museum is probably one of the few (if not the only) museums that encourages guests to touch with their specimens.
A little warning, this post is going to be SO photo heavy.

Of course I had to take a photo with the angel wings.  It is one of Trick Eye's best.

Delighted to see Van Gogh's The Starry Night.  Yes, I know it was not from Van Gogh's but one could dream that it was.

I think this photo of my brother with this lady was cute.

I was so happy to see books even though they were just there for show.

My sister and her boyfriend having a couple-y moment! Haha, getting on this thing was actually difficult.

I did not know I had such skills!

This photo was one of my favourites!  And this was quite popular amongst the guests. People do line up to have their photo taken with the lava!

This one was a good one too! There were couple sample shots at the side of each artwork on how you could pose and take the photo!

After our fun trip to the Trick Eye Museum, we wanted to eat before heading to Adventure Cove. We also wanted to let the sun go down a bit since we could not really handle the heat just yet on our third day in Asia.

I freaked a bit (in a good way) when I found out that there was a huge Missha store in Sentosa.  My brother exclaimed a big NO when he saw me walking over the store.  I did not get anything since my budget for Singapore was just limited. Maybe next time Missha.

We had lunch at the Malaysian food court just near Trick Eye museum.

I was so amazed at how they captured the market/street food life in a food court.  We rarely get to see these in Ireland.  I was really amazed at the little details they had from the lamp posts to the wooden window as if someone was actually living in those "buildings".

My sister Nikki and I shared a huge bowl of Chicken claypot rice.  I found that food there was one the pricier side.  I think it was because we just came from Malaysia and food there was so cheap.

We also checked out Korea Town for dessert.

I wanted to get their patbingsoo but we were already full and we were running out of time.

Now, about Adventure Cove, we had a little misunderstanding reading the opening times of the place.  We thought that they close at 9PM like most places do in Singapore but they close at 6.  We were running out of time because walked back and forth Adventure Cove to the casino entrance because we didn't know that we had to get the actual entrance tickets at Kiosk 9 which was AsiaTravel's kiosk.  Kiosk 9 was all the way the casino entrance/parking lot area.

It was already 3 PM when we got there and had 3 hours to enjoy.  We hurriedly changed to our swimwear. I could not remember the name of the first attraction but it was with a lot of floaters and waves that would bring you around the waterpark.

After that, we went to Riptide Rocket.  It was the fastest and biggest water slide that could be enjoyed between a single rider or two.  We waited for about 30 minutes to get on the water slide!

I did not get to take any pictures since I was too afraid that my camera would fall or get wet that can cause damage.

After Adventure Cove, we went over to Starbucks and Bread Talk to get food.

I tried this frappe from Starbucks called Hojicha. The flavour reminded me so much of a classic boba/bubble tea. You could not get this flavour in Ireland, so I wanted to try it.

Beside Starbucks was Krispy Kreme and I just had to get a matcha green tea donut!

My sister Nikki and I wanted chicken so we got the largest pieces of chicken wings we could get from the menu.  We brough these bad boys home for our dinner.  Too bad they did not sell rice.  It would have been the perfect dinner!
Watch my vlog here:
I really wish I had photos taken in Adventure Cove but it was better for my camera to be safe than sorry!  I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post as much as I enjoyed writing this.  I'll see you in my Universal Studios post, hopefully!
Peace & Love!
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  1. Hi! I am so happy that you have read my post about your wonderful museum. We definitely had a great time and I highly recommend it everyone. I am honoured that you want to share some of my photos. Which photos would you like to share? Because some of the photos here feature my siblings and I have to ask their permission if they wanted their faces to be seen in your blog. If the photos were just me in it, I give you full permission to share it as long as the watermark is left in the photo and I'd get credited for my photos. Thank you for understanding!

  2. Hi, I have asked my siblings if they were okay with your blog using the pictures and they said they are okay with it. You have my full permission in using my photos with me being credited. Thank you!

  3. We will give you a full credit ^^ Thank you so much :)