Thursday 11 August 2016

EsTrails: Buggy Safari at Mt. Srđ & Dubrovnik Cable Car

Buggy safari tour at Mt. Srđ

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Apologies for the late update. I think it has been more than 2 weeks since I last published a blog post. But here I am with a new one about our adventures driving a buggy and how we ended up covered in mud in Mt. Srđ.

Louise found a great attraction from Viator where we get to go on a Buggy Safari in Dubrovnik and ride Dubrovnik Cable Car for around €50.  The packaged tour included a 3 hour buggy drive, a transfer from the hotel to the destination, free entry to the War Museum and Mt. Srđ's Imperial Fort which we unfortunately didn't go in.

We were sent an email confirmation about our transfer.  Our meeting point was at the Hilton Imperial.  The weather was not too great that day that the driver told us that the Dubrovnik Cable Car could be closed due to the weather condition.  Since it was a single transfer, he offered to bring us back to the Old Town if we ever we didn't get to ride the cable car.

The buggy was a 2 seater vehicle.  There were 5 of us so Rich volunteered to drive on her own.

When we got to the booth of the buggy safari tour, we had to sign a disclaimer.

We were then given a net cap that is very similar to something a surgeon and/or nurse would wear to keep the mud from getting to our hair.

They also provided us with bottled water each.

The road was quite muddy and bumpy so prepare to be dirty at the end of this tour.  We were clearly not dressed appropriately for this.

View point at Mt. Srđ of Gruž
We had a number of stops during the drive.  Our tour guide Cristijian told us the history of Dubrovnik and also the fort located on the mountain.

The last stop of the drive was the view point of the mountain overlooking Gruž.  It was truly breathtaking.

After our buggy safari tour, we headed over to have lunch at Panorama Restaurant & Bar.

The view was spectacular but it was unfortunate that we were not seated near the windows.  The weather was not that great too that we had to sit indoors.

A cup of cappuccino with whipped cream

I had their medium rare steak with shavings of parmesan and leafy veggies.

My sister ordered their carbonara.  They were quite generous with their parmesan cheese!

We got a 10% discount from out orders as we were given a discount card by the staff from its sister restaurant calld Dubravka 1836 restaurant.  The staff were friendly and attentive which we appreciated.

After our lunch, we headed upstairs to take our cable car ride.  Our transfer driver gave us our cable car vouchers before he left.

The cable car ride was quick and we enjoyed the view.  A few minutes walk lead us to the other gate of Old Town.

We went souvenir shopping afterwards where we bought a bunch of chocolates.

We then had dinner at Gallus Restaurant which is just right across Dubravka 1836.

I had their traditional pasta with a lot of meat.

My friends ordered seafood including this grilled squid.

The restaurant has a few space for indoor seating which can be difficult especially on days with bad weather. The majority of their seats are outdoors.  It was quite a little cramped inside but the service of the staff did not fail us one bit.

Watch my vlog here:

I hope you guys enjoyed this blog post. I have several more that needs to be written up plus our Geneva trip! I'll see you in the next post!

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