Monday 26 September 2016

EsTrails: Island Hopping around the Elaphiti Islands

Hello beautiful earthlings!

How have you all been? I'm SO sorry again for the SUPER late update. Today, I bring you the last post of my Dubrovnik trip last April.

On our last day, we went island hopping around three of the Elaphiti (Elafiti in some cases) Islands. We booked our tickets from  The trip cost us about €40.  The trip included transfers.  The pick up point was over at the Hilton Hotel.  We were then brought to Gruž port where we were to go on board a pirate ship.  My inner lost boy (in this case girl, duh) screamed with happiness.

Our first stop was at Koločep island.  We were given about 30 minutes to roam around the island.

The scenery was just beautiful. We had to take a bunch of photos!

Šipan was the next island.  The island had that country side, chillax vibe!  It was great walking around this island.

Our trip included lunch and we were so happy! We got grilled fish, bread and salad for lunch and it was just delicious.  The food reminded us of fresh fish and seafood that we have had in the Philippines.  The crew were just amazing and very attentive.  They made sure we were having fun and they assured us that we could go to them if we wanted anything.

The ship was filled with entertainment, food and beverages.

The next island after our lunch was Lopud island.  We were given an hour or maybe it was an hour and a half to roam around the island.  The girls already had a plan in mind which was to go to Sunj Beach.

We took the walking trail to the beach and it took us probably 30 minutes to get there.  You could take a golf cart for €5 per person.

I was being such an asian trying not to get too sunburnt.  I enjoyed the sun's heat but my skin already acted up and broke out from sunburn on our first day!

The water was a bit cold during that month but we had to dip our feet.

The beach was incredible.  The only downside was changing rooms/toilets.  The toilets, according to my friends said that they were not the cleanest and did not have running water.  This could be a problem to those who want to take a shower before and after.

The trail was too long for a walk so we decided to take the golf cart back to the port. It was only a 5 minute drive!

Dubrovnik, you had been such an amazing experience for all of us.  Thank you for showing us your beauty. You were our best holiday ever.

After our island hopping trip, we wanted to experience Dubrovnik's nightlife.  We wanted to go to Revelin Club but apparently, they were only opened during the weekends and it was a Tuesday when we were there.

We were a little shocked as Dublin would have clubs open on a week day haha!

Watch my vlog of our 5th day:

I hope you guys enjoy this post.  I will see you in the next one!
Peace & Love,
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