Tuesday 17 May 2016

EsTrails: Game of Thrones Walking Tour & Kayaking to Betina Cave and Lokrum Island, Dubrovnik

The set where they shot Blackwater Bay in Game of Thrones.
The photo cannot even describe how beautiful it is in real life.

Hello beautiful earthlings~

As promised, here is a blog post of our third day in the beautiful Dubrovnik as we participated in the Game of Thrones Walking Tour by Dubrovnik Walking Tours.  After that, we kayaked to the jaw dropping Betina Cave and Lokrum with Adventure Dalmatia.

Beware that this quite the lengthy post. Well, you know me. It is another photo filled post.

OOTD: top by Monki, shorts by H&M Coachella, sandals by Tropeak Contour,
cap (courtesy of my sister Nikki), glasses bought from Kotor souvenir shop 
We purchased our GOT walking tour from the Dubrovnik Walking Tours website and it cost us around €23.  We found deals that were more expensive but those tours would last the entire day and we still had another excursion to fit in that day so we decided to just take the 3 hour GOT walking tour.

The meeting point of the tour was at Onoforio's Fountain (it was under construction during our stay T__T) in Stradun at 11 AM for the English speaking tour.  There was a staff holding a sign of the Walking Tour and he gave us cards for us to rate the tour on TripAdvisor.  He then introduced us to our tour guide Iva, who is part of the GOT crew.  She was a double for Emilia Clarke in one of the GOT scenes as well as doubles for the dragon when they were little in S2.

We started walking from Stradun to a park where the Red Wedding was held and where Joffrey was killed.

Iva brought a folder with her containing photos of scenes from the show to show us the difference of the set in real life and after CGI.  She also showed us their crew nightout photos and said that the casts were really nice and friendly.

The spot where Joffrey died
Our tour guide showed us where the spot Joffrey died and also told us the preparation it took for some scenes to be filmed.

She said that we could reenact the scene but it was drizzling that day that she did not advise it haha!

We walked towards Fort Lovrijenac and were given an admission ticket that was already included in the tour.

This was where the "Power is power" scene with Cersei and Littlefinger was shot.  Iva mentioned that they had props put in where the holes are above the arches and had to carefully take it down after filming as the fort is protected by UNESCO.

This was where Joffrey's Name Day tournament was filmed.  The platform was where the Hound defeated his opponent and threw him.  I remember our tour guide saying that the fall was shot a number of times by a stunt actor.

See those doors there? Those were the doors the guards knocked looking for Robert Baratheon's bastards. Apparently it is just a storage room.

Remember the scene where Lady Myrcella was shipped to Dorne? No? See photo below haha

The Red Keep
The exterior of the Red Keep with some CG added to it.  The interior's set varies from one place to another.

Those were the stairs where Cersei started walking the Walk of Atonement (commonly known as the walk of shame). The building behind the stairs is a Jesuit monastery and the scene caused a bit of a scandal because of it.

Louise started to walk the walk of shame haha

Photo by Roshan (@roshankmg)
Photo by Louise (@claralouisa)
We took photos with Iva! She was so nice and patient taking our photos too!  If you ask her questions whether about the show or UNESCO, she will answer them all.

The Rector's Palace was used to film some scenes for Qarth.  It is a musuem and was under construction when we were there.

On our way to Dubrovnik City Shop to sit on the Iron Throne.

If you buy a merchandise, you can sit on the throne and take photos.  If not, you have to pay 30 kunas I think.  But since we were on the walking tour with Iva, we did not have to pay or even buy merch even though we did in the end.

The Iron Throne

The sword was quite heavy >_<

We then had lunch at Gil's Little Bistro.  It is located at the side alleyways in Stradun.  They have both outdoor and indoor seating.

Iced coffee
Complimentary bread
Pesto spaghetti
Chiken risotto
Dessert called Millefoglie with cheese and orange
Honey and truffle flavoured Semifredo with chocolate
This restaurant is just brilliant. From the food to the excellent service.  All the staff are so nice and each of them said thank you and goodbye when we left.

We then headed to where we were about meet our kayak instructor and guide.  We purchased the excursion through Adventure Dalmatia.  The meeting point was at Pile Bay.  It was where they shot the scene where Cersei was sad about Myrcella was sent to Dorne.

Our instructor Luksa gave us few tips on how to kayak.  He also provided barrels where we can put our personal items and we brought it out to the Adriatic Sea.

The bigger barrels were for our bags and clothes and the smaller ones were for our gadgets.

The 5 bibes
My sister Steffi and I

We decided to have dinner at Cafe Festival which is probably the first restaurant you'd see in Stradun.

The pianist caught our attention and we wanted to have dinner while hearing someone play the piano haha

I got their steak that was served with a semi mashed potatoes. It was so good!

Check out my vlog:

Phew! I know that this is quite lengthy. But I hope you enjoyed this post!
I hope your week is going well and I will see you in the next one!

Peace & Love,
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