Sunday 2 October 2016

ESthetics/Review: Going Blonde from my Jet Black Hair with Charming Hair Salon

Photo courtesy of Charming Hair Salon 

Hello beautiful earthlings!

I decided to take a break (as if I needed a break with my inconsistent postings) with my EsTrails posts for today and post something ESthetics related. 

About 3 weeks ago, my sister and I decided to do something different. I felt like taking a risk and I felt brave that I decided to go blonde. I have planned on going silver haired but never really committed on doing it. Couple of reasons include money and I was scared that my hair would end up getting damaged.

I did a number of research and asked friends on Facebook as to where to get my natural jet black asian hair done to non-brassy blonde then silver without the extreme damage. I came across Charming Beauty Salon in Dublin when I was eating at a Japanese restaurant and the waitress - who happens is asian and had ashe blonde hair. I asked her where she got her hair done and recommended Charming Beauty Salon.

Charming Beauty Salon is located in 3 Burgh Quay, Dublin 2.  I first went in after work to just ask a couple of questions. The hairdressers were a bit scared that I wanted such drastic change.  I asked for a strand test to see if my hair can handle the bleach etc.  After a number of negotiation between having my hair blonde first instead of silver, I finally booked my appointment.  Read my experience with the salon at the bottom of this post.

I was nervous and excited at the same time. I was praying so hard that the colour would turn out to my liking or else the money I would end up paying would just go down the drain.

First bleach was already on my hair with a cling film wrapped around my hair and heat was applied
Since I wanted my full head turn to blonde, there were two people working on my hair. Andy and Suzanne were the ones handling my hair.  My hair is very thick that putting on the bleach on my hair was a bit of work for them.

I had to wait for 30-45 minutes for the bleach to do its magic so I kept playing Best Fiends XD

After 30-45 minutes, they washed my hair and blow dried it.

 We were all happy that my hair took the bleach really well and the colour was pretty even.  The fact that I have not dyed my hair in 3-4 years helped.

Bleach number two is applied on my hair and another 45 minute wait had to be done.

When I saw my hair turned really yellow, I could help but think that I was Goku going Super Saiyan! Haha!

Another round of washing my hair and blow drying needed to be done. Once it was dry, I felt like my hair colour above belonged in some K-POP group!

The third round involved adding the colour and toner to my hair.

The toner stung so bad! I felt like crying and I had to grip my seat to help me to endure the pain. But eventually the stinging sensation went away. I felt relieved when it was time to wash my hair!

I thought that the final hair colour was the same as above.  I did not realise that it gets lighter as it dries.

This was my hair under natural light. I was quite happy with the colour even though I was paranoid that the colour would be patchy.

This was my hair under artificial, fluorescent light.

My experience with Charming Hair Salon was amazing.  Before making the appointment, they explain the possibility of my hair not turning out as I wanted or imagined.  They said that turning my black hair to silver in a day would damage my hair so much so we compromised with a colour that could be achievable and that I was happy with.  I mentioned that no one would say yes to doing my hair and they said that most salons will not accept dark hair to go blonde because of the long process. They made me feel special as they said yes to my request.

On the day, everything went smooth.  The staff asked if we wanted coffee or anything as they day would be long.  The staff was really helpful and made sure that I was comfortable throughout the process.  Andy and Suzanne also followed my wishes that I wanted my hair as light as possible in one day without the brassyness. The only uncomfortable thing was the toner on my head as it stung really bad.  When Andy asked me if my scalp was okay, I said that it stung a bit, he then went very gently applying the rest of the toner and colour.
The process took 5 hours to do.  After when we were all done, they gave us advise on after care like using silver shampoo to tone the brasyness done.

My medium hair length cost me €180 for the entire thing.  It was quite pricey, I know but I would rather pay that and see the difference compared to other salons that would use a low strength bleach and the colour would not lift.

I would go back to them again to get my silver hair definitely!

I vlogged the process of going blonde. Go watch it!

I hope you guys enjoy this blog post.  My blonde hair is about 3 to 4 week old and my roots already started growing in the first week.  I have been using only silver shampoo as my main shampoo every time I wash my hair plus A LOT of conditioner!  I sometimes use argan oil on days when I feel my hair is extra dry.
I hope you guys enjoy this blog post. I cannot wait to go silver soon but need to save up for it! Haha
I'll see you beautiful earthlings in the next post!
Peace & Love,
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