Tuesday 4 October 2016

EsTrails: European Singles Congress 2016 in Leysin, Switzerland

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How have you all been? Today, I bring you a post on our trip in Leysin, Switzerland back in July for the SFL-FFL European Singles Congress (ESC).

We arrived a day before the start of the congress.  We took a flight from Dublin to Geneva with Aer Lingus.  When we got there, we waited for our transfers which was taken care of the ESC committee.

You must be wondering why I have a photo of a Starbucks menu. Well, look at how CRAZY EXPENSIVE the drinks are?  And look how they have matcha frappe and also chai frappe! We don't even have either on of them here in Ireland.  My friends and I justified the price and bought these frappe almost everyday when we were in Geneva after the congress.

Leysin is about an hour and a half away from Geneva. It took us a while to get there due to accidents that happened that day on their main road.  The congress included our accommodation with Alpine Classics Hotel but we stayed in an apartment the night we got there.

We got there pretty late and we were already tired from the journey from Geneva that I did not have the chance to take photos of the apartment.  We also rehearsed for the competitions for the congress which took most of our evening.

We woke up to this view not knowing that the apartment we rented had this view.  Every one in the group started saying look out the window and man we were blown away with this view.  It looks like a wallpaper you put up in your computer! It was unreal.

We had to check out early and walk to where the congress was held.  According to my friends, the apartment was 10 minutes away from Alpine Classics. But Google Maps did not mention that it would take us longer (about 30 minutes) because of the steep roads plus we wheeled our luggage!

We left our luggage in Alpine Classics since we were too early for check-in.  We decided to get food near the area.

We went to have lunch at La Lorraine.  It looked like it was a family run restaurant.  I had to try their p√Ętes au quatre fromage. I was in cheese heaven!

Around the corner of the restaurant was this gigantic chair. For once, I felt quite tiny and cute.

And of course there was a photo op that the girls and I took advantage of. Of course, the lads did not let this chance to slip by but I don't have a decent photo of them T__T Maybe in the next blog post!

ESC 2016 - Day 1
This year's congress was the very first congress of SFL-Ireland.  I was amazed by the talents behind the congress. Look at how amazing that stage was! I wish I were half as creative as that.

The congress was filled with praise and worship, talks and fun.

ESC 2016 - Day 2
Day 2 was the most intense day out of all the three days.  It ran the entire day starting from 7:30/8 AM in the church then followed with the programme of the congress.

This was taken while we were waiting for our forum speaker to arrive.  Basically, we were told that there were 3 forums in which we had to pick one to attend.  This forum was "Greatness Comes at a Price".  So glad we made new friends in that forum!

During the second day, we had our Gala night where we had formal dinner and some competitions ran.

Photo cred: @claralouisa

We were dolled up and dressed to the nines! I must say that everyone looked quite dapper!

ESC 2016 - Day 3
The last day involved a last talk from a speaker and a day filled with praise and worship.  After the congress, the awards for the competitions were given.

We won 2nd place in the Motion Picture competition.  We did not expect it at all since our editing skills were (and still are) not great!

This was Ate Alleen and I's baby!

Photo cred: @jepoymeneses
Watch my vlog:

We had such a great time over the congress. We were at awe with Leysin's beauty and we kept comparing at how mediocre we think Ireland is.
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