Sunday 7 January 2018

ESthetics: Bullet Journal Set Up 2018 & January Collection | Bullet Journal Series

Hello beautiful earthlings!

To kick start the year, I did my bullet journal set up for 2018 on New Year's Day to be exact. I have been bujo-ing since September 2016 and there are a lot of changes from when I started. I'm not saying that I am an expert in this but I now know which set up works best for me. Maybe I should do a flip through video of my 2017 spreads and collections? Haha

Future Log

Usually, a lot of bullet journalists start with a new notebook for the new year however since I started my new notebook back in September 2017 and I still have lots of pages left.

Anyways, I've kept it very minimal and simplistic for my 2018 collections. Let's start with my future log. I've kept it very simple with four months across the two pages and all the details of events/tasks/birthdays are listed in a vertical manner.

I've mentioned in my Favourite Spreads & Collection blog post that my first future log was full of colour. It was so hard to keep up and I noticed that I often don't write in my bullet journal since I would not have the specific pen needed for me to pen in an item in my future log. So I had to get rid of this complication and made everything simple.

2018 Collections: Goals of 2018, Books to Read and Movies and TV Shows to Watch 
I have already inked my Goals of 2018 page after I took a photo of this spread. I also wanted my goals to be private for now. Maybe I'll reveal them at the end of 2018! (haha too early to be talking such things! 😅)

2018 Collections: Savings Goals and Budget for the Year
I have been challenging myself to do the 52 Week Money Challenge every year. I somehow manage to do this challenge during the first half of the year and stop around summer. Summer usually is the season where I spend a lot due to holidays/trips/congresses but I am determined to do this challenge. 

The challenge basically starts you slow with saving €1 for Week 1 and then €2 for Week 2 etc but I noticed that this original system will not work for me. I find it quite heavy to take out money every week especially towards the end of the year where you'd have to save around €200 a month and my pay will not allow me to do such things! So for me to do this challenge, I have to save up €106 a month or €53 in every two weeks.

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For the month of January, I've opted for red to be my accent colour of the month and used a red washi tape. I was so happy to find washi tape for only 99c in Aldi!

Habit, Mood and Expense Trackers
Every month, I dedicate a spread for my trackers. I always track my productivity and my mood as well as my expenses. In the previous month's collection, I didn't track my expenses since it was Christmas season and I went on a holiday to Vienna and knew that I would be spending for the month.

You can also see that I've messed up with my dates and days. I just used a white correction tape to cover the mistake.

Brain Dump and Gratitude

For the past few months, I've manage to forget to include my Brain Dump section. I found it difficult not having this page as sometimes I would have ideas that would pop up in my head and would end up forgetting since I would end up not writing it down.

January in a glance
You might be wondering why this was not the first spread I showed you. Well, all the pages in this post are done in sequence. And yes, you are right! I almost forgot to include this page which I think is the most important part of my month! I won't be able to be organised without this. Even if they're not in my correct sequence, it's still good.

January 2018 Weekly Spread

January 2018 Daily Spread (right page)
I reused one of the layouts that work well for me. I usually do this type of layout when I know that my week will be hectic without knowing further details in advance. Since we are now in the new year, I know work will be hectic with upcoming projects and whatnot.

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Above photo is my current spread of the week. Very much inspired by Amanda Rach Lee! Check her IG/YT channel out!

Here are the items/stationery used for this month's spreads and collection:
Most of the items I've mentioned are sold in packs so if you are interested, you can save by getting the packs instead of the individual items.

I hope you guys enjoyed this blog post. Let me know which weekly/daily spreads you guys enjoy doing. You can tag me on Instagram! I would love to see them. Anyways, wishing you all a good day! Blessings to you!

Peace and Love,

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