Wednesday 3 January 2018

ESurient: Brunch in Grannie Annies, Belfast

Hello beautiful earthlings!

I hope you all are well. I'm trying to catch up with VLOGs and blog posts from the travelling I did in 2017. So I have a number of videos and posts in store for this blog and I cannot wait to share them with you.

Anyways, before I get sidetracked, I'm here today with a foodie blog post. During our weekend trip in Belfast, we all decided to go to Grannie Annie's for brunch after our friend Niel raved about it after he got back from his trip to Belfast couple months before our trip.

Brunch places in Dublin requires reservation so we decided to book reservations to ensure us tables and we were quite a large group. We did our reservations online which was very simple and sends you a confirmation email within 48 hours. 

The interior is just BOMB! They had unusual things dangling from the ceiling from teapots to even chairs that were placed upside down which totally gave an Alice in Wonderland vibes.

I was so fascinated with the grannies toilet seat cover as an indication for the ladies' toilet plus they had a huge lipstick as a handle!!! How creative. The men's toilet had a screwdriver handle and of course the grandpa toilet seat cover! Haha

The place was just so on point with their decoration and displays. The bathroom was decorated with handbags hanging over the ceiling above the sink. The sink was basically a faucet and pail which totally have a rustic feel.

This was one of my favourite part of the restaurant and that was where we seated. I just have fascination with clocks on walls. Too bad these were just for decoration rather than telling us the correct time haha

Okay following photos are food so BEWARE those who are hungry!

It was unbelievably cheap compared to brunch menu in Dublin! For brunch in Dublin, expect to pay around €20 per person.

I had eggs benedict (around £5) and pancake with maple syrup and bacon (around £4). THEY WERE SO GOOD! If you are wondering why I got two orders, well I was so hungry. One item from their menu is enough but the gluton in me wanted more haha 

Our table was just filled with food. It was actually hard to get our plates on table with the large order we had. Another thing we appreciated when we were there was the tables had plugs for your phone chargers! It was amazing!

In terms of staff, there were some nice staff and others who made me feel like I had to rush because they had that look on their face like we're taking their time.

But overall, I recommend this place for something unusual with a hip vibe plus affordable delicious food!

You can check out some snippets of the restaurant on my VLOG:

I hope you enjoyed reading this post. If you do ever try Grannie Annie's or if you've tried it, do let me know! I would love hear from you!

Peace and Love,

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