Monday 1 January 2018

ESthetics: Things I Learned in 2017

Hello beautiful earthlings!

Happiest new year to you and to your loved ones. I hope 2017 treated you well just like how it treated me well. May your 2018 be filled with peace, happiness, love and more blessings.

From the above post title, I'll be sharing the things that I have learned in 2017. I was inspired to put this one up after reading my friend Esther's blog post about the 17 things she learned in 2017. Go check her blog out. You'll feel very inspired after reading hers!

So here we go. The very first point in my list is that  EVERYBODY HAS THEIR OWN TIMELINE  and their timeline is different from mine or yours. I've explained in my graduation blog post that:
Well my younger self had that plan: To go to college, graduate, get a job and then travel. That was my life sequence that I have planned for myself. But guess what?! Life did not happen to be that smooth and God had such bigger plans for me and had the sequences all jumbled together. 
I had prepared a goal and plan for me to achieve by the end of the year but mid this year, God revealed to me that it was just not meant to happen just yet but somehow, life has been great and way better than I had expected!

Point number 2 is to  SERVE WITHOUT THE EXPECTATION OF BEING THANKED. Many may not know but my 'love language' is words of affirmation. I feel loved when people give me unsolicited compliments, encouragements and when people thank me for my efforts. But I learned to serve willingly without having to expect anything in return.

Number 3 is LIFE IS EXTREMELY FRAGILE. I have always known this but this hit me the most towards Christmas when JongHyun of SHINee passed away couple days before Christmas.

My heart truly ached for his family, friends and fans. He was the ultimate bias of my seastar Bianca back in the day and my heart ached for her and for everyone grieving for his death. The thought in my head kept playing that a person could be alive 10 minutes of even 2 minutes ago but they could be gone in just a few minutes or even seconds. It's so heartbreaking that it made me realise that being there for someone would mean the world to them.

Fourth point is a harsh lesson and it is that NOT EVERYONE CLOSE TO YOU WILL SUPPORT YOU. Yup, that's right. Well I guess this is just in my case but you know what, it is okay if they don't support you because they probably just don't have a clue on what you are passionate about and would not be able to shed a light in it. So, just keep doing you and do what you are truly passionate about!

Fifthly, I learned how to do BRUSH LETTERING!

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It's still not quite there yet or even Peggy Dean material (I signed up to her classes on Skillshare to learn the basics!) but it is better than it was couple months ago and this is something I enjoy doing.


I've struggled a lot with talent. Growing up, there were only two kinds of talent which was singing and/or dancing and they were talents that can be done on the spot like performing at a party or at an event. When I got asked that, I always say that I don't have any.

I was overly insecure (I am still a little bit) when it comes to dancing. I was always teased and ridiculed for having no rhythm and being as stiff as a board growing up and up until now. It takes me time and a lot of courage to dance because it is a PHOBIA of mine. Well I'm exaggerating but I hated it and I still dislike doing it. I love watching people dancing but it is not for me. And my singing is meh. As a kid, I started singing gospel songs and loved it. I was encouraged to do it but I was demotivated when people don't see my little talent in it. They always picked the kid who was already good and outgoing plus I was an extremely shy kid who would rather have a corner to herself. Well I guess I still am.

When reading that quote from Einstein, I realised that I am not talented but just passionately curious. I was so curious with the whole creative outlet that is provided by blogging, video editing, and even cooking/baking so I started to learn and here I am trying to improve. Now that I am older, I don't care if I get recognised for these anymore. All I got to know is that I have put my heart, mind and soul in whatever I am passionately curious about and that's all that matters.

The last point is somewhat related to my previous point. I learned this year is that  EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US IS CREATIVE.

Creativity was another insecurity of mine. I always wanted to be creative - from painting, drawing to all the creative things that my mind could think of but I was not really gifted in that department so I had so much self-doubt. During a household, I was told by a sister in Christ that I am actually creative with the things that I do in my own way through blogging, journalling, scrapbooking etc. And it was so heart warming to hear such words from people close to me and this was all affirmed by God.

I was watching a livestream of Hillsong's Sunday service. Cannot remember who said it but I remember they said that God is THE CREATOR who is also THE CREATIVE GOD and that we are all created in the likeness and image of God. Therefore, we are all creative beings. I felt like God wanted me to hear and realise this. I really appreciated His gesture.

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I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Let me know what lessons you have learned in 2017. To my fellow life players, we've already unlocked 2018. Grab your ammos and may we face this year with great faith and determination. May we continue to learn, grow in this new year. Blessings to you!

Peace and Love,

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