Tuesday 27 May 2014

ELF Haul: Brushes, Beauty Book, and more!

Hi lovely guys and gals! How have you all been?! I'm quite glad that my exams are now finally over and now the dreaded exam results are what we all are waiting for. I pray that I pass all my modules.
Anyways, I'm here to present you a haul from ELF Cosmetics.  I have ordered a bunch of things from their website.

So here it is

The package came in a box like this one 
An invoice was in the package along with the products
Here is what the inside looks like. They have placed the smaller products on top
This is then the second layer where the bulkier and bigger products were.  
I was impressed that they shredded cardboard paper to ensure that the products won't be damage through delivery.

Here's a more closer look of what products I got. (I also have the direct links provided)

  • Beauty book in Natural Look (Got these two as presents for my sister and a friend who just had a birthday)
I was really pleased with the delivery since I got these in less than 2 weeks compared to the first time that I ordered and I only had 2 items! Thank you Adele (Her name was printed at the invoice saying that she was the only who picked up my order). I will be reviewing these products but I think it will take a while! I will have a gel eyeliner review soon! I just need one more day of testing it for me to finalize my thoughts on it :)

Disclaimer: This haul/blog post is not a form of bragging or anything of that sort. Also, I was not paid by the company to feature this. I bought all of the items here with my own money.

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